Alice In Wonderland Teapots

Alice in Wonderland TeapotsAlice in Wonderland Teapots and Tea Sets

Alice in Wonderland Teapots and tea cups from your favorite story of all time will certainly liven up your kitchen and tea party.

These exquisite Alice in Wonderland teapots are perfect for collectors and fans of the Lewis Carroll book or the Disney movie.  These are collectible teapots that make great kitchen accessories, decorative pieces for the home and the perfect conversation piece.

The Alice in Wonderland tea sets and tea cups are just like you would expect from the story, so you can have your own Mad Hatter tea party with the March Hare and friends with these beautiful Alice in Wonderland Teapots.

If you are a collector or fan of the story, these teapots are designed just for you and will definitely spark your interest.


Alice in Wonderland Teapots ~ 150th Anniversary Edition

A Truly Unique Serving Style

This is a really pretty teapot with Alice sitting right on the lid top.  It is the 150th anniversary edition and was designed by Paul Cardew as a collectible or a service piece.  The teapot holds 32 oz. and is dishwasher and microwave safe according to the distributors.  However, I would recommend protecting the quality of the teapot by handwashing.  I also would not put it in the microwave.  Either appliance can damage the piece over time.


“Curiouser and curiouser.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Teapots
Alice in Wonderland Teapot designed by Paul Cardew 32oz 150th Anniversary Edition – This Teapot is ONLY AVAILABLE ON SECONDARY MARKETS like Ebay


Alice in Wonderland Teapot and Tea Cup – Alice in Wonderland “Tea for One”

This would be an exquisite tea for one set for your kitchen or collectors case.  This is a wonderful choice for anyone who loves Alice and Wonderland.  It would make a lovely decorative piece as well as a teapot that is perfect when you are enjoying a cup of tea alone.

You can have your own private tea party from your favorite fairy tale at home with this exquisite Alice and Wonderland teapot and tea cup.
tea for one


Beautiful Alice in Wonderland Teapots

This is another beautiful design by Paul Cardew.  This is a larger teapot that holds 48 oz.  Instead of Alice, this teapot focuses attention on the White Rabbit.  He is the knob on the lid and is surrounded by scenes from the story.  We certainly wouldn’t want to be too late to add this awesome teapot to our collection!


“Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!”

 Alice In Wonderland 48 oz Teapot with Rabbit Lid By Cardew Design RETIRED PATTERNCheck Price


Alice in Wonderland Tea Set ~ Complete with Picnic Basket

For those of us who really want to celebrate in “Alice in Wonderland” style, there is a complete tea set available.   The product description with this set classifies it as a “child’s tea set”, but the plates are actually more than 6″ in diameter, which is the approximate size of a small dessert plate.   The tea cups will only hold 3 ounces of tea, so they are small for an adult, but exactly what we would expect if we were enjoying our own “Alice in Wonderland” tea party.

These porcelain pieces are hand embellished with 22 kt. gold.  This set would be a lovely gift for any “Alice in Wonderland” fan, especially for a mother and daughter, or grandmother and granddaughter.  The memories made together around this tea set would truly be priceless.


“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.”

 Alice in Wonderland Tea Set By Reutter Porcelain Dishwasher Safe (Lge)Check Price


Rare & Unique Alice In Wonderland Teapots ~ Collectible

“We’re All Mad Here”

In true Wonderland style, this is an awesome teapot!  Set includes teapot and mug so you can have your own official Unbirthday Tea Party.

 Alice in Wonderland Teapot and Cup SetCheck Price


Have an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party!

“For, you see, so many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, that Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

This Anniversary tray makes a lovely companion piece for the Anniversary teapot featured at the top of this articles.  Both pieces were designed by Paul Cardew to celebrate the 150th anniversary of “Alice in Wonderland”.

 Alice In Wonderland Cookie/Cake Tray 150th Anniversary Edition By Paul CardewCheck Price



A Selection of Alice in Wonderland Tea, Honey Spoons or Even a Alice in Wonderland Tea Press

Hosting an “Alice in Wonderland” tea party would be a lot of fun!  You would, of course, start by serving the “Alice in Wonderland” special tea offered below in two different sizes, but both containing the special Disney brews in prepacked tea bags.

If you prefer, you could press your own tea with the Disney Alice in Wonderland Tea Press which does come with loose tea to help get the party started.  However, be especially sure to follow the ”How to make hot tea by The Mad Hatter” instructions that are included with the tea press.

And just to add a bit of honey to your tea, you may well want to offer your guests their very own Honey Spoon!

 Disney Alice in Wonderland Tea PressCheck Price Disney Wonderland Tea Honey SpoonsCheck Price Midnight Alice in Wonderland Tea Caddy with 240 TeabagsCheck Price

Tea Party Games:

Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards & Puzzles

Make you tea party last a little longer by inviting your guests to play a game of cards.  You will no doubt surprise them all when you break out a deck of “Alice in Wonderland” playing cards!

The first set featured here, the red back deck, features the illustrations by Sir John Tenniel himself, as well as, quotes from the book by Lewis Carroll.

The second deck features the newer version of the story as depicted in the movie staring Johnny Depp.  This set would appeal to those movie fans.

If you don’t care for cards, perhaps you and your guests would enjoy piecing a puzzle together.  The puzzle is packaged in a Collector Book Box with a Magnetic Closure on Cover and has 1000 pieces.  The artwork on the puzzle is entitled “Dear Alice” and was created by the Japanese digital artist, Shuichi Mizoguchi.  It is a beautiful picture of Alice and the white rabbit.  It is a lovely depiction of Alice falling into Wonderland.

 Alice In Wonderland Playing Cards – Red Back DeckCheck Price Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards Game Collectors TinCheck Price MasterPieces Alice in Wonderland Puzzle Art by Shu, 1000-PieceCheck Price


Whether you simply desire a beautiful “Alice in Wonderland” teapot to add to your collectibles or home decor, or wish to go all out and host your own “Alice in Wonderland” tea party, these selections are sure to meet your needs.

But, don’t be surprised if you start with the teapot and fill the magic of Wonderland calling you to host a tea party.