Crystal Serving Bowls

I Love Crystal Especially For Serving

Crystal BowlI love crystal! I have crystal just about everywhere in my home. It is especially fun to have for serving guests. Crystal can be a beautiful decorative piece that is quite functional as well.

This page will focus on the Crystal Serving Bowls. You might be amazed by the many ways to use a crystal serving bowl around your kitchen and home everyday, as well as for parties. You can use it for your salads, desserts (jello, layered dessert), and even for a unique floral arrangement. Use a crystal bowl on the kitchen counter to have your fresh fruit handy.

Don’t overlook opportunities you might never have thought of such as an elegant food and water dish set for your kitten while you are having a formal gathering, after all, the kitty wants to be included in the special food settings, even if it does wish to otherwise be left alone.

You might also use crystal bowls to hold candles. I have a small, square crystal nut bowl that I use just for that purpose in an emergency if the lights go out.

Of course, you would use crystal bowls for punch, potato chips, fruit salads, dips, nuts, etc. for a party, but you could use it everyday to hold wrapped snacks or even a place to put your wallet and keys when you get home from work. Let your imagination soar. Crystal is durable, stunning, and can be used in such a wide variety of ways I’m sure you are going to have more ideas as you look around your own home.

I would love for you to leave a message to let me know how you use crystal in home decor, entertaining, or organizing with style.


Crystal Bowl Sets Are Not Always Needed

One of the best things I’ve learned is to use a variety of design styles in decor and at the table. It is so much easier than trying to stick to one style. You do not need to match every piece to one exact style. A good example is the Sparkle and Brookside styles in the Waterford Crystal Marquis collection.

There are subtle differences in the design, yet they are going to go well together as long as you are consistently using a variety of styles.

I love how each design has a little different sparkle factor. So, by using a few different styles I can create a pallet of crystal with varying sparkle and light shining off of it.

A 9 inch crystal bowl (left photo) is a great size for most of the party foods or decor ideas mentioned earlier.
 Marquis by Waterford Sparkle 9-Inch BowlCheck Price Waterford Crystal Westbrooke 10 inch Check Price


The 10 inch bowl (above right) gives you a bit more room for larger items like the potato chips.

Crystal serving bowls are available in several sizes. Set your party table with the appropriate size serving bowl based on the number of servings you would like to have fit into the bowl.

 Elegant Large Crystal Clear BowlCheck Price

With the exception of an avid collector of specific styles and artists, it is always a good idea to explore both authentic, retro, glass cuts, and replication to bring your crystal collection into the eclectic era. By combining different pieces, you are able to expand how you use crystal to a whole new height.

Sets are great, but a mix match is easier to maintain in case of lost or broken pieces over time. I’m sure a lot of use started out with a perfectly matching set at some point in time as a gift from someone or to ourselves, but found it impossible to maintain throughout the years. The remarkable thing about mix match is we often come upon it by accident. Then wonder why we didn’t start out that way in the first place.

Crystal is one of the easiest materials to mix and match.


Crystal Bowl Clustering

Imagine you are having a party and you would like to create a beautiful table. I am sure you have often seen tables set to have varied heights for serving. One of the ways a crystal serving bowl can be used to create this varied height service layout, is to use footed crystal bowls and regular crystal serving bowls clustered together to create elevated and table level selections.

Compare the height of a footed crystal serving bowl and you will see it would be a great match up with the table level serving bowl to create visually appealing buffet table.

 New Elegant Crystal Glass Serving Footed Square BowlCheck Price

The bowl on the left would be perfect for the higher level and would be set behind the low rise bowl.  Circleware Squared Small Glass Serving Mixing Bowls 6-Piece SetCheck Price

Place the smaller bowls around the base of the taller bowl. If your guests are serving from both sides of the table then put the elevated bowls in the middle and the lower bowls on each side.

A Trick to Achieve Multiple Level Setting

Pair up regular level bowls. You can create a “foot” for one bowl by turning the other bowl upside down. Since that might not look “beautiful”, simply use a lace doily, large cloth napkins, or a piece of edge finished fabric to cover the bottom inverted bowl. The fabric will also keep the top bowl from slipping off the footer bowl.

More Crystal Serving Bowls

There are many beautiful crystal bowls, available in all shapes and sizes. Over the years, I have learned that if I simply choose a crystal bowl that I love the looks of by itself, than I will most likely be quite pleased with the way it looks as a serving piece on my table regardless of whether it is paired with additional crystal serving bowls or not.

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