Dragon Teapots

Dragon TeapotsDragon Teapots Bring a Touch of Fun Fantasy into Your Kitchen

Dragon Teapots are the perfect kitchen decor for anyone who loves dragons.  These dragon teapots can be used for tea, or simply as a beautiful decorative conversation piece.

Dragons are popular creatures and many teapot collectors would love to own one of these gorgeous Dragon designs.  The dragon teapots and tea sets are our son’s personal favorite.  If you are like my son and love dragons and fantasy, then you are going to fall in love with one of these exquisite Dragon Teapots.

Some cultures embrace dragons for their symbolism.  Teapots with dragons denote strength in Chinese culture.


Bring Home a Dragon!

Here is a collection of some fabulous teapots with dragons on them


Dragon Teapots

As you can see, there are varying styles of teapots.  There are some designs that feature a dragon image on them, and others that are actually shaped like a dragon themselves. They are all uniquely beautiful.  While many of us want one or two dragon teapots to add to our teapot collection, it would be very easy to desire a separate dragon teapot collection that consists of a variety of dragons and styles.

Every home should be graced with at least one lovely dragon teapot.  Even if it doesn’t symbolize anything in particular to you, they are still magnificent decorator pieces and fabulous teapots.

 40 oz Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Maker Cup Set Tea Kettle Tetsubin with Infuser and Trivet, Dragon FlyCheck Price Large Cast Iron Tea Kettle Set – 40oz/1200ml Japanese Teapot with Infuser & Matching TrivetCheck Price Hormsdar Hand-made Dragon and Phoenix Color-changing Purple Clay TeapotCheck Price

Pewter Dragon Yixing Teapot

Exquisite Dragon Teapots for Decorating and Use

Yixing teapots are highly collectible among tea enthusiasts for their unique beauty as well as the Yixing clay itself.

This small Yixing two cup teapot is quite an impressive design of a dragon.  The dragon teapot symbolizes good fortune, power and strength.

Yixing clay is a Chinese clay that absorbs the flavor of your favorite tea to enhance every cup, so you may want to use this dragon tea pot with only one type of tea so the flavors are consistently rich in every cup.

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Sea Dragon Teapot

 Curled Water Dragon Yixing Teapot ~ 23 OuncesCheck Price

Carved from Yixing clay

The auspicious power of the dragon is reflected in this 23 ounce teapot.  These are quality clay teapots that are all handcrafted in this fabulously unique design.   This beautiful Sea Dragon teapot is great for daily use or just to adorn your home.

Either of these Yixing clay teapots should only be hand washed with clear water since they are so absorbent.




Dragon Teapots and Teapot Sets

The Cast Iron Tea Sets are Definitely Among My Own Personal Favorites!


Dragon Teapots Sets

 Black & Red Dragon Cast Iron Tea SetCheck Price

Teapots Sets for the Kitchen featuring Dragons

This fabulous red dragon tea set is pretty awesome!  I love the black teapot with the red dragon which makes a very dramatic statement in any decor.   Cast Iron Teapots and tea sets are made to last for decades.  They keep the water scalding hot without having to leave them sitting on a burner.  Cast Iron teapots are not made for the stove top.  You pour boiling water into the teapot to make your tea.

This set comes with the 24 oz. teapot, 2 cups, the tea strainer and a trivet to protect your tabletop.



Japanese Cast Iron Dragon Teapot

This teapot is a true cast iron beauty!  The cast iron teapots have enamel interiors to resist stain and corrosion.  This dragon teapot brews 40 oz. of tea and includes the stainless steel infuser.

Cast iron teapots really are remarkable and they keep the tea hot for a long time.

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