Crystal Pie Plates & Pie Domes

Crystal pie plateServe Your Pie on Crystal With a Dome Cover

Crystal pie plates and pie domes are wonderful for protecting and serving homemade, home baked, or bakery pastry store bought pies. My son gave me this very pie plate for my birthday last year and I absolutely love it! Not only is it perfect for my pies, but it is great for our cupcakes and muffins.

Today I want to share some of my pie plate suggestions.  You will find tips on how to measure your pie plate with pie dome (with or without decorative edges), how to avoid a soggy crust with hot pie, where I buy my crystal, and how to create an easy to make pie.

On rare occasions during the summer, I love to buy a premade already baked pie at my favorite bakery and put it in one of my crystal pie plates with cover (pie dome). This way I don’t have a heated kitchen but I can still enjoy a fresh baked pie.

Another warm weather idea is to make delicious pudding style pies. I love the pudding pies topped with whipped cream.  They are delicious and refreshing.

Pies are always a big hit at our house, or when we take them to a family or community gatherings.


Crystal Pie Plate with Crystal Dome Cover

 Godinger Crystal Pie Dome with Matching CoverCheck PricThis is my crystal pie plate. I love the handle on the dome lid. It is so very easy to grip and hold.

The design on the crystal is stunning. And, I love that I can see the pie through the glass. It gives it an inviting glow.

More than anything, I love that my crystal pie plate dome cover locks out flies & insects.  It also protects my pie from items that might splash or drop on it.

Since it was a gift from my son and I want to keep it pristine for as long as possible, I still hand wash my crystal pie plate, but you can certainly put it in the dishwasher.


Hot or Cold Pies

Cold Pie On The Go:  Keep them in the freezer until right before you are ready to leave and they will be chilled when you get to your gathering.

Depending on the time of year we have different kinds of pie. Cold pies for summer and warm pies for winter. Of course, there are some pies that have year round appeal.  I love a chilled apple pie with a scoop of ice cream in the summer just as much as a warmed piece of apple pie when it is chilly outside.   Pie is truly a year round enjoyable dessert.

Taking pies to family or community gatherings is fun! It is great to have a sparkly crystal covered pie plate for the gatherings that are a bit more upscale or formal like a wedding shower or holiday party. I also enjoy bringing crystal serving pieces to a casual get together, unless we are going to be camping out or on the beach. As long as there is a place for a tablecloth then I’m going to bring along the best service ware I own and that is most often my crystal.

Making everyday special is one of the ways we create memories with those we love.

Keep The Crust Crisp Tip: When your pie is hot, be sure to let it cool before you put it on the plate or put the dome cover over it. As it cools, the pie will let off steam. If you put the lid on it too soon,  you may cause moisture to set on the top crust which will make it a bit soggy.


Selecting Your Crystal Pie Plate

As you compare Pie Plates with Domes be sure to select the size to fit the pie plate you usually use when you are baking a pie. Some pie plates are not large enough for the larger pie.

Pies are normally between 8 and 10 inches. The size of a pie plate with dome you would need to accommodate a 9 inch pie is 12 inches. If the pie isn’t embellished on the crust edges you can fit a 10 inch pie into a 12 inch pie plate with pie dome.

In summary:

1. Allow a two inch additional size for every pie. The plate is 2 inches wider than the pie.

2. Allow a three inch additional size for every pie if the pie has a decorative edge on the crust (a scalloped edge for example).



Traveling With Pie

This is what you will need when you would like to travel with your crystal pie plate with pie dome covers. This is the easy way to ensure everything gets to where you are going and is easy to set up once you are ready to serve your pie.

1. Bake your pie in a baking dish.

2. Carry your pie to your destination in a carrier.

3. Transfer Pie to Crystal ~ When you arrive you can transfer the dish to the crystal pie plate with dome. If you don’t wish to display your pie in the baking dish, or if you anticipate a problem with the pyrex on your crystal plate, you could use a piece of parchment paper to go in-between the pie dish and the crystal. This can be a piece you take off of the roll and trim yourself, or for more formal settings, you can find a great pre-cut round parchment paper.

 Pyrex Bakeware 9-1/2-Inch Scalloped Pie Plate, ClearCheck Price Regency Parchment Rounds 9Check Price


Recommended Pie Carriers

Each of these pie carriers has an attribute that recommends it. The Progressive carrier can carry 2 pies at once. The Le Marche pie carrier is insulated, so it will keep your pie cold or hot. Of course, we are all familiar with the quality and durability of Tupperware.

Check them all out and determine which pie carrier would suit your needs most.

 Prepworks from Progressive International BCC-4 Collapsible Pie/Party CarrierCheck Price Top Shelf Elements Pie, Cheesecake Carrier for up to 10 in x 4 1/2 in cakeCheck Price OXO Good Grips Glass Pie Plate with LidCheck Price


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