Elephant Teapots

Teapots and Elephants Make the Perfect Combination

Elephant teapotsBecause of their body shape, elephants make beautiful teapots.  Their bellies are the perfect pot shape and their trunks make terrific spouts.

Elephant Teapots come in a variety of styles to choose from.  The teapot set pictured on the left, is my own personal favorite.

Elephants are a symbol of health and good fortune and they are one of the most fascinating creatures on earth.  If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves Elephants, these teapots with elephants are perfect presents.


Elephant Tea Set ~ Service for 5 ~ Do you see the baby elephant lid?

Elephant Teapot Sets

 Thai Benjarong Porcelain hand painted elephant tea set By BoatShopCheck Price
Elegant Beauty for Your Tea Time!

I never thought I would describe an elephant as elegant, but elephant teapots truly are an elegant addition for your kitchen or teapot collection.

Silk lined box contains 1 Elephant teapot, 1 saucer and 5 cups.

All made of bone china and hand-painted by a Thailand craftsman.

This set requires delicate care.  Do not put it in the microwave or the dishwasher.


Elephant Teapot
 BIA Cordon Bleu Elephant TeapotCheck Price

The White Elephant in the Room

This white elephant teapot is gorgeous and would compliment any room, but it is also a serviceable teapot.

It is microwave safe and dishwasher safe.  However, I would recommend washing it by hand.  Porcelain will deteriorate over time when washed in a dishwasher and I am certain anyone who owned this pretty elephant teapot, would not wish to see it damaged.


Elephant Teapots

Either of these teapots would be lovely decorator pieces, as well as an awesome teapot!

With such an assortment of colors, styles and size, it might well be difficult to choose just one elephant teapot. Of course, you could always start your own elephant teapot collection on add one of these pretty elephants to an existing teapot collection.

The certainly would make a wonderful gift to the tea lover or teapot collector in your life. Or, treat yourself to a gift and give one of these fabulous elephants a home.

 Celadon tea set, ‘Blue Elephant’ (set for 2) – Celadon Ceramic Tea Service (Set for 2)Check Price Abbott Collection 42 oz. Elephant Teapot, 8Check Price Ceramic teapot, ‘Buddha and the Jade Elephant’Check Price


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Elephant Teapots

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