Tiered Countertop Fruit Baskets

Stainless Steel Tiered Fruit BasketsWe all know how important it is to include fruit in our daily diet, but it is really hard to keep fruit fresh.  Like everyone else, I love a beautiful fruit bowl filled with a variety of fruit.  However, fruit tends to ripen and ruin faster in a bowl simply because it lacks separation and ventilation.   Wicker baskets are marginally better since the allow the fruit on the sides to breath.  However, the fruit in the center will still ripen and ruin faster.

Most of us don’t have time to run to the grocery store several times a week.  Personally, I go once a week and truthfully, that is as much as I can stand.  The parking lot alone makes me hesitant to stop for one or two items.

But, there is a solution for our fruit & vegetables!  Using tiered baskets for fruit helps tremendously.  If you have enough space between your counter and upper cabinets, I recommend the 3 tier unit (23″h).  If not, the 2 tier is still better than a bowl.

 Sagler 3 Tier Fruit basket  – large fruit bowl – useful for fruit storage basket – 14″ W, 23″H, 12″ DCheck Price

Fruit & Vegetable Tiered Baskets

If you don’t have space for the 3 tiered baskets above, there is a 2 tiered basket option available.  It may not hold quite as much fruit, simply because it has one less basket, but it will still offer better ventilation.  Either unit is attractive and easy to wipe clean.  As you can see in the photo, the two tier unit doesn’t have the top handle, but the shorter size is easier to move without tilting.

Due to the metal composition, the sturdy baskets can also hold heavier fruits and vegetables like potatoes or oranges.

 MyGift Chrome Double Hammock 2 Tier Fruit/Vegetables / Produce Metal Basket Rack Display Stand –
14.25 W X 14.25 H X 11 D.
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 Black Double Hammock 2 Tier Fruit / Vegetables / Produce Metal Basket Rack Display Stand – MyGiftCheck Price


Tiered Fruit Bowls