Decorative & Oven Safe Ceramic Pie Plates

Ceramic Pie Plates

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Ceramic is one of the most loved bake-ware materials because of it beauty, but it will also give even heat throughout the pottery dish when baking.  It is often more visually appealing so you can serve your pie from the same dish.   These pieces will definitely stand the test of time.

Ceramic Pie Plates come in decorative designs, with or without lids, in festive holiday styles, and casual everyday dishware designs.

You can often find additional great serving dishes to coordinate with your pie plates when you use the ceramic version.  Stoneware and other pottery styles for cooking and baking give your whole table a finished designer appearance and a celebration ambiance.

Bake and serve your next pie in a wonderful ceramic dish.


How to Choose the Right Ceramic Pie Plate

 Swissmar Le Cordon Bleu Charmant 11″ Pie Dish, Cordon Bleu Blue Shown, but Available in More Colors, Freezer to Oven SafeCheck Price

The top customer rated ceramic pie plates are often rated for several areas of satisfaction including materials, design, decorative quality, ease in use (cleaning), and most of all the way the dish bakes and serves.  Be sure to review the customer ratings when they are available.

Pie Plate Sizes

When you are selecting your ceramic pie plate you will want to start by determining what size pie plate you need or prefer.  The basic standard sizes are either 9 inch or 11 inch.

The 9 and 11 inch pie plate is 8 servings and 10 servings (respectively).  Some recipes say an 11 inch pie will provide 12 servings.  The number of servings will always depend on the portion size you choose to serve.

Also, consider the depth of the pie dish.  I make Pumpkin Chiffon pies several times during the holidays and my pies require a deep dish pie plate.  A standard pie pan will measure approximately 1.25″ and a deep dish pie plate will be 1.75 – 2″ deep.

Visually appealing is always important, so be sure to select your favorite color!

Decorative Ceramic Pie Dish

 Emile Henry HR Modern Classics Pie Dish, 9″Check Price

This ceramic pie plate is for a nine inch pie.  It comes in a variety of colors.

I have featured the red dish simply because it is a great choice for red fruit pies, plus compliments a variety of decorating styles.   Red is a festive color often selected for holidays and is perfect when you have other dishware at the table that will coordinate with red bake ware or red serving dishes.

This dish is not restricted to pies!  It could also be used as a main casserole dish or for sides like a green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole,  or au gratin potatoes.

It easily transitions from the freezer or refrigerator to the oven for those make ahead dishes.  The Emile Henry pie dish is also dishwasher safe which makes for very easy cleaning.


Ceramic Pie Plate With Handles

An easy to carry pie plate with handles is perfect for anywhere.  Handles are going to give you ease of moving from the kitchen to the dining room table.   They also add another element of decor to your table.

Be sure you check the plate for heat though and use oven mitts until the pie dish is completely cool.

This pie plate is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.


 Grasslands Road Home Again Count Blessings Daisy and Bountiful Fruit Pie Plate with HandlesCheck Price



Ceramic Pie Plate With A Lid

The decorative covered pie plate is one of my personal favorites.  I own several myself.  The pie plates are oven safe and the covers add a lovely decorative touch for the table or kitchen counter. The lids are most often not oven safe.

As a GIFT IDEA, you can bake your favorite pie and take it with a recipe card to a party.  The lid will protect your pie in transit and will be quite lovely on the table or buffet.

Let the hostess know she can keep the dish and the recipe.  What a great way to give your favorite morsels any time of the year!

 Deep Dish Ceramic Covered Apple Pie PlateCheck Price Martha Stewart Collection Covered Pumpkin Pie Keep Baking Dish 9Check Price



Decorative Edge Ceramic Pie Plates

Decorative edges give your pie a unique aspect which you will come to appreciate when you see the difference between a regular rounded edge and the edge on this beautiful pie dish.

The decorative edged pie plates are especially fun for holidays when friends and family gather together.  Pretty decorative edge ceramic pie plates are also a great choice for gifts.

 Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Perfect Pie Plate, 9-Inch, Ceramic, SageCheck Price


 NEW, 8-Slice Pie Cutter Press, 18/8 Gauge Stainless Steel, Commmercial Grade, Side-Handles (1, 10 Ounce)Check Price

Slicing A Pie

Start by slicing your pie into quarters.

Then determine if your quarters will be cut into 2, 3, or 4 slices.

Portions will vary depending on the kind of pie.

You will most likely opt for smaller slices of a richer pie so it will obviously provide more servings.

If you want your pie to be cut in “perfect”, even sizes, you may well wish to invest in a stainless steel pie cutter. The pie cutter can also be used on other round baked items such as a coffee cake or cornbread. You could also use it to “mark” how you wish to cut a cut. However, the blades would not be deep enough to actually cut the cake.


Personal Size Ceramic Pie Plates

 Chantal 5-inch Classic Individual Pie Dishes, Indigo Blue, Set of 4Check Price

Pie For One or Two:  Personal Size Individual Ceramic Pie Plate Selection

This is a great choice when you would like to provide each guest with their own pie or pie filling.  This is also a fabulous choice when you want to bake a pie but also want to portion it out to last a smaller family longer.  Making individual pies means you can freeze some to reheat later.

Make them as ‘pie for one’ or ‘pie for two’ when you have time to bake and then you can freeze some of them to bake later.

TIP:   Consult the recipe for best freezing ideas (such as before or after baking) and consult the pie plate information to ensure it is suited for freezing.  Most of the pie plates featured in this article are freezer safe, but it is best to check the manufacturer specs to verify before freezing.


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