Beautiful Stacked Teapots

Stacked Teapots Also Make Great Gifts

Stacked Teapots are beautiful sets designed for tea for one. Beautiful teapots set atop lovely tea cupsStacked teapots and tea sets make perfect gifts for anyone who enjoys tea or collects tea cups or tea sets.  These little teapots and saucers are quite lovely and add such beauty to the decor of your kitchen and home.  Also, they are very serviceable for tea for one.

You will also want to use them while you enjoy your favorite varieties of teas.  Enjoy an afternoon tea with friends, each with their own wonderful stacked teapot.  Relax with a hot cup of tea on the patio in the morning or a moment of reflection at the end of the day.

Affordable, delightful and enchanting, you will love what these stacked teapots bring to the table.  The beautiful designs in porcelain and gorgeous prints truly add a touch of elegance to the look of any room.


Stacked Teapot, Cup and Saucer Separate for Actual Use

Stacked Teapot, Cup and Saucer Separate for Actual Use
Pink Summer Rose Chintz Shown

 Gracie China by Coastline Imports 4-Piece Porcelain Tea for One, Stacked Teapot Cup Saucer, Pink Rose Bouquet ChintzCheck Price

China Stacked Teapot, Cup and Saucer

This elegant set is available in several rose patterns which are all featured through the link above.  All of the rose designs are trimmed with gold.

Each set has a teapot with a lid, a cup and the matching saucer.  These sets are all dishwasher safe, but they are not safe for the microwave.

At first glance, you might not really notice the difference, but the roses are definitely different.  Each person will no doubt, have a preference if they look closely enough.

Stacked Teapots

Stacked Teapots – Stack the Teapot, Cup and Saucer for a Beautiful Decorative Piece


More Roses on Stacked Teapots

 Elegant Romantic Rose Victorian Porcelain Teapot And Teacup Duo Beautiful Gift ItemCheck Price

Elegant Rose Stacked Teapot

This is another really beautiful stacked teapot featuring gorgeous roses.  They are so realistic that you can almost smell the rose scent just looking at them.

This teapot is also delicately trimmed in gold which means it is safe for the dishwasher, but not the microwave.

While these porcelain stacked teapots are deemed dishwasher safe, I would personally recommend washing any of them by hand.  Hand-washing will ensure a more beautiful long life for any porcelain piece.  I would especially be careful due to the handles on this stacked teapot, as well as the teapots featured above.

 Eiffel TowerCheck Price

Eiffel Tower Stacked Teapot

Stacking Teapots



Tea for One For the traveler!

Whether you are reminiscing over past trips and vacations or simply dreaming of a place you long to visit, this is a stacking teapot that will claim your heart.

This stacked teapot is ceramic and should be washed by hand.

 Grasslands Road Celtic 16-Ounce Claddagh Stacking Tea For One Teapot with Teacup, Gift BoxedCheck Price


The Celtic Stacked Teapot

Grasslands Road Celtic 16-Ounce Stacking Teapot

This Celtic design stacked teapot is a lot sturdier than the delicate china pieces featured above.

It is made of stoneware, therefore it is dishwasher and microwave safe.
Stacked as one, or separated into the teapot and the cup, the Celtic tea for one is a very pretty set.

Stacked Teapots
The Claddagh symbol of the hands and heart have a special meaning which makes this set an especially beautiful gift idea.  The symbol represents love (heart), loyalty (crown), and the hands represent friendship.



 Gracie China Olivia’s Dragonflies 3-Piece Porcelain Tea For One, Stacked Teapot and CupCheck Price

Summer Freedom Calls

Gracie Stacked Teapot

Dragonflies, Butterflies & Flowers bring summer into our homes all year round with this lovely stacked teapot.

Even during those cold winter days, we can be reminded of the beauty of spring and summertime. As the tea warms us from the inside out, the teapot gives a visual reminder of being outside on those warmer days.


Delightfully Fun Designs

Fairy Tale Design Tea For One Stacking Teapot

Paul Cardew is known for his fun loving designs and this is certainly no exception!  These teapots would be perfect for collectors.  Each year or special occasion, you could add to the collection with a new stacking teapot featuring favored storybook characters.

This would be the perfect choice for those of us who love to spend the day with their favorite fairy tale friends and then settle in for a nice cup of tea.

 Cardew Design Alice in Wonderland Tea for One 16-Ounce Teapot and 10-Ounce CupCheck Price Cardew Design Snow White Tea Set for One with 16-Ounce Pot and 10-Ounce CupCheck Price



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Stacked teapots & tea sets make perfect gifts for anyone who enjoys tea or collects tea sets. They are beautiful tea for one cup and teapot combinations


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