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Beautiful Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes

Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes Molds & BooksThe new craze in town is none other than these little cakes or cupcakes, whichever you prefer to call them.  I love baking and a favorite cake style of mine and my family, is the pull apart cupcake cakes.   I really like the idea of having individual servings of any dessert already sliced and ready to serve before my guest arrive.  These cupcake cakes certainly fit that bill!

There are two ways to create these lovely cupcake cakes.   You can make them with the pans or molds, or you can make cupcakes and organize them to create a cake design.

If you opt to make the individual cupcakes, then you simply bake them and then organize them according to the design.  Together, they make a beautiful special occasion presentation, but they are very easy to pull apart into single servings when you are ready.

The featured molds are silicone and are quite safe to use for baking.  I own several and actually find them easier to work with than metal pans.  They are very easy to use and clean.  Plus, they are also easy to decorate, and let us not forget how fun they are to serve and eat.

My favorites are the holiday molds.  But no matter the theme or design, you are sure to love them as much as I do and I am certain, your family and friends will too.

Butterfly Cupcake Cake


The Butterfly Silicone Baking Pan

This Butterfly Cupcake Cake is perfect for a child’s birthday party, spring party or any fun celebration.  By using this silicone baking pan, you actually bake individual cake slices that will form into a butterfly decorated cake.

Create a Beautiful Cake with Butterfly Mold
Butterfly Cupcake Cake
This mold is a little different from the one featured above, but it is basically the same.  Perhaps even a little cuter due to the butterfly face.

* Pull-apart mold has 12 individual cake slices (or cupcakes) decorated together to create a fun Butterfly Cake that pulls apart for serving.

* FDA approved food grade silicone guaranteed oven safe to 500°F

* Refrigerator, freezer, oven, & microwave safe

* Quick release permanent non-stick surface

Currently Available on Ebay


Adorable Holiday Pull Apart Cupcake Cake Molds

Look how easy these cupcake cakes come apart!  Instant single serving without having to use a knife. 

Either of these designs make a beautiful pull apart cake and the perfect holiday party treat!  Serve them for a child’s party, school holiday party, or even an afternoon tea!

Not only would they be a lovely cake for a Christmas party, but it would be so very easy for your guests to help themselves to a piece of cake.

Currently Available


Flower Basket Cake

 Roshco Flower Basket MoldCheck PriceEveryone loves flowers!  This is such a beautiful cupcake cake for a shower or birthday party.  Since the flowers are separate cupcakes, this cake is extremely easy to serve to guests.

Decorate each of the cupcakes in the colors of your choice and arrange them so they look like one cake when you serve them.  Kind of like assembling a beautiful flower arrangement of assorted flowers.

The nonstick silicone surface ensures quick release and even baking.   Such a great idea for a ladies get together or a spring birthday too!

* Pull-apart mold has 12 individual cupcakes decorated together to create 1 fun Flower Basket Cake  to pull-apart and enjoy.  (10 flowers & 2 Basket pieces)

* FDA approved food grade silicone guaranteed oven safe to 500­­°F

* Refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave and metal utensil safe

* Quick release permanent non-stick surface

May Also Be Available Below


Trains, Cars and Sports Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes

Either of these pull apart cakes would be awesome for a boy’s birthday party!

Just about any little boy would love the train or car pull-a-part cake and the mold certainly makes it easy to create a beautiful birthday cake.  For the little athlete, and perhaps even the big athlete, the basketball make great birthday cakes as well as game night treats.

 Train Pull-A-Part Cupcake Mold by Create n CelebrateCheck Price



Really Great Cupcake Cake Books

I love animals and my favorite cupcakes are animal shaped.  There are several animal shaped molds available, but often I don’t have the time to search for the exact animal mold that I want to make.

The directions in these books show me how to make fast and easy animal cakes without having a mold.  The ease of making them certainly thrills me and the adorable results absolutely thrill my children and their friends.

You will definitely enjoy browsing through the photos of a few of the designs offered in the Cupcake Cakes book below.  Don’t be surprised if you end up “needing” the book.
Cupcake cakes

 Cupcake CakesCheck Price


Another Really Neat Cupcake Cake Book

 Cupcake CakesCheck Price

Make your own cupcake cakes for birthdays, parties, holidays, and get-togethers!  You can save money by doing these fun cakes yourself!  There are 22 different cupcake cakes for kids and adults, including 8 cupcake recipes that make up the various designs.

* Full-color photos and step-by-step directions for every design.

* Book measures 4.5 x 9.5-inches.

* Softcover and spiral-bound.   This book is designed to open flat when used so you can easily read and follow the instructions.


Here is a Design for an Elmo Pull Apart Cupcake Cake


Made with Standard Cupcakes and Assembled into a Picture Cake

Basic Instructions the Elmo Cupcake Cake

Making the Elmo pull apart cupcake cake is really easy.  By looking at the photo above, you can easily see the placement of the cupcakes.  Think Football Shape!

20 cupcakes needed to make the Elmo cake

  • Line 1:  2 cupcakes (eyes)
  • Line 2:  4 cupcakes ~ This line will need to curve up slightly
  • Line 3:  5 cupcakes ~ This line will need to curve up
  • Line 4:  4 cupcakes ~ This line will need to curve down
  • Line 5:  3 cupcakes (bottom line)

Plus 2 more cupcakes:  These extra cupcakes are placed 1 on either side, between lines 3 & 4 to make his cheeks.

You will need 2 white eye cupcakes.

The orange nose is iced onto 3 different cupcake edges and the mouth extends across 5 of the cupcakes.  I recommend shaping the face first and then icing the cupcakes.

Cupcakes are rarely shaped exactly even with one another.  Just play with the arrangement of the cupcakes to fit the shape before you start frosting them.

I do recommend completely frosting red cupcakes before assembling the cake, but leave red cupcakes so you can shape the mouth and then fill in around the mouth with red frosting.


Here are a Few More Cupcake Cake Designs You Will Find Online

Halloween Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes




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