Beautiful Franz Porcelain Trays

Franz Porcelain TraysServe Your Friends At Your Next Dinner Party on Franz Porcelain Trays

I have completely fallen in love with the beautiful designs of Franz porcelain.  My love for animals and flowers makes them an immediate draw for me, but the intricate detailing and stunning colors of each piece, make them true works of art.  I can personally highly recommend them.

You can make a big impression by using Franz Porcelain Trays for decorating.  But even a bigger impact when you use them to serve your favorite meals to your friends.  If you like to use trays to decorate you can use them as centerpieces on your dining table or just about anywhere you would like to create a decorative piece.  Fill a tray with rose pedals or a collection of scented silk flowers.

 Franz Porcelain Shangri-La bird of paradise flower large trayCheck Price


Using Your Franz Trays to Serve

When you are setting up your buffet or selecting pieces to serve food, you will want to ensure the design and the color coordinates with the menu.  Are you serving a vegetable tray?  Select a flattering tray.  Look at the shape, color, and design of each Franz porcelain tray and think about the food or snack.  Will the tray and  food compliment one another.

Imagine vegetable slices served on this gorgeous Papillon Butterfly Rectangle Tray below.  Or, perhaps finger sandwiches on the Shangri-La Bird of Paradise tray above.

 Franz Papillon Butterfly Collection – Butterfly Handle TrayCheck Price


Don’t forget, some of the trays were designed to match other pieces in the Franz Porcelain collection.   For example, if you have the Franz Papillon Butterfly Tray, there is a creamer and sugar jar also available in that design and they are quite lovely too!


Select By Design Color Scheme


These trays are amazing for putting together a collection for any room at any time of the year.  You can organize a few Reds together and a few Whites together or mix and match them to make a Red and White color combination for decorating a dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.


 Franz Porcelain Flora Flutter PlatterCheck Price Franz Porcelain Island Hibiscus TrayCheck Price Franz Porcelain Romance the Rose Large Tray, FZ02657Check Price


This is obviously just an example of mixing and matching a specific color theme that share a floral theme.  You could easily create a lovely combination of serving trays with any of the designs and color themes in the Franz tray collection.

Decorating Tip

Trays are great in any room and can be used to organize other collections such as a few of your favorite perfume bottles on a tray on your dressing table.


Dramatic Color Schemes For Bold Settings


Using bold designs, bold colors, and dynamic designs will give your room or table setting a rich and confident flair.  Use several bold pieces in combination with your decorating plan.  Such as a black tray with bold red guest towel and hand soap.  You can put a dramatic piece together with floral arrangements, snacks, an assortment of other items you would normally have on hand such as using a decorative tray to keep your smaller collectibles anchored in a spot on a shelf.

 Franz Porcelain Serenity Poppy Flower Large Tray, FZ02472Check Price Tiger Ornamental TrayCheck Price Franz Porcelain Endless beauty giraffe ornamental tray Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price Franz Porcelain Collection Eloquent Iris Flower Large TrayCheck Price


The Center of Attention

Some of the Franz porcelain trays really do demand to be the center of attention and not simply a beautiful tray on a buffet covered with food.

These trays make beautiful home decor pieces.  While I might still use them for serving on special occasions, I would most likely reserve the deer tray below for home decoration.

 FZ02878 Franz Porcelain Graceful Woodland deer tray Ltd Edition 2000 New 2012Check Price


Garden Design Tray


You can use blues, whites, or any one of the shades of orange to accent this design.  It makes a great tray for the base of your favorite vase.  Add a vase of light blue or white flowers and use the tray for a candle plate or a vase plate.

The Eternal Love design comes in a variety of Franz Porcelain collectibles.  This tray is going to give your collection a carefree, yet elegant accent.  The colors are perfect for spring and summer and can be used with other Eternal Love design items or your favorite porcelain dishware.

 Franz Porcelain Eternal Love round tea light holderCheck Price


Decorating with Candles

As I mentioned above, we often use decorative trays to hold candles.  This adds such a beautifully romantic ambience to any room or table.  However, do not let candles drip onto the porcelain.  You want to make sure to prevent scratching when you are cleaning the tray.

To ensure you protect the design for years, use transparent sheet protectors under candles or other items that might damage your beautiful trays.


Winter Holiday Playful Designs

 Franz Collection Playful Penguins Large TrayCheck Price

Franz Porcelain can also be playful, yet distinctive in design choices.  The abstract designs are uniquely gorgeous, but the  more more playful designs are lovely too.  The vivid beauty on any of the Franz porcelain trays is stunning and this holiday design is no less amazing.

We often see playful penguins in art, but this is an extraordinary design of flowing porcelain and amazing sculptural accents.    These playful penguins are going to give any room a boost of energy.  The parents and the baby penguin are delightful.

This design would be a great holiday gift idea!  Include a plate stand or wall mounted plate hanger so it can become a wall art piece and be enjoyed by all ages.


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  1. What lovely trays! I would have a difficult time selecting just one but if limited to only one it would have to be the one with the deer. Very pretty ways to serve family and guests!

  2. Olivia says:

    Beautiful trays each and everyone of them. I’d need one of each, because I can’t make up my mind which one I like the best….

  3. Aysha says:

    What gorgeous trays!!

  4. Thank you for sharing our beautiful porcelain art pieces.

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