Handmade Crocheted Potholders Gift Guide

Handmade Crocheted Potholders Hot PadsHandmade crocheted potholders and trivets simply make the kitchen more homey.  Each time I use one, I think of the many hours invested in making the potholder by hand.  I have found some really cute, unique designs to share here on Heart of the Home Kitchen.  Not only are the potholders practical and serviceable, but they are adorable kitchen decor.

These potholders would also make fabulous gifts for the cook.  You could either give them as a single gift, or you could add them to a gift basket of kitchen items.  Perfect for birthdays, holidays, showers or wedding gifts.  Anyone who has a kitchen, or even a kitchenette, needs potholders and trivets to protect their counters and furniture.

All of the featured crocheted potholders can be machine washed!


Adorable Crocheted Potholders & Trivets

Crocheted Apple Potholder

Crocheted Apple PotholderAdd a splash of red to your kitchen with this awesome apple potholder!  This crocheted potholder is sold with a companion dishcloth designed to look like an apple slice.  Together, they certainly make an adorable set.

I couldn’t help but think of what a wonderful gift set this would make for a teacher.  However, we all love apples, so this set would really be great for anyone.

The hanger creates the apple stem and I love the green leaf!  This potholder would truly be beautiful hanging on the wall in the kitchen.  And, don’t forget, it also comes with a companion apple dishcloth.


The Oreo Cookie Potholders

Crochet Oreo Cookie PotholdersIt is truly hard to resist an Oreo cookie!  Okay, so you can’t eat this Oreo cookie, but it sure would be cute hanging in the kitchen.

This is really a very ingenious design!  There are actually 3 potholders in this Oreo cookie set.  2 black and 1 white.  Use them separately, then stack them together for this really cute and unique decoration.

Each potholder measures 6.5″ which is the perfect size for a hot pan, plate or serving bowl.


Crocheted Dog Shaped Hot Pad and Matching Potholder

Here is one the kids are sure to love!  This puppy will definitely make us all giggle with his sweet smiling face and big round eyes.  It seems clear that the creator knew we would not want to set a pan on the puppy face, so she also includes a matching standard square potholder hot pad.

Crocheted dog potholder hot pad


Crocheted Mouse Potholders

Crocheted Mouse Potholder hot padNow, I have to show you my personal favorite!

To be honest, even though I already have 3 of these precious crocheted mouse potholders, I am still quite tempted to buy this one too.

I absolutely love these mice potholders!

Since I purchased several of these handmade crocheted potholders from CoastalCrochetCrafts on Etsy, I can personally attest to the excellent quality and superior workmanship.


Wanna see my collection?  Well, let me show you!

Crocheted Mouse Hot Pads
Crocheted Potholders Made & Sold by CoastalCrochetCrafts


Give the Gift of Christmas Crocheted Potholders

All of the featured crocheted potholders would make fabulous gifts for the cook at anytime of the year, but here are some that we love that are made especially for Christmas!


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