Crystal Pitchers

Crystal Pitchers for Serving BeveragesWater, iced coffee, lemonade, iced tea, or your favorite cocktails all taste better when served from crystal pitchers, plus the beverages themselves look prettier in these pitchers.  I serve my own beverages from my crystal pitchers even when I am alone simply because I can tell such a huge difference in taste when any liquid is stored in glass.  I mix, chill, and serve all in the same pitcher.  I also love the way the sparkling crystal looks in my refrigerator!  When I open the fridge door, I can see at a glance what I have available to serve and drink.

Even serving plain ice water in an elegant crystal pitcher just makes my day a bit more festive and lifts my mood.

Celebrate each day with your family and friends, and enjoy the beautiful things in life.  I’ve long believed it is time to take all the stored serving pieces out of boxes to show them off, enjoy them and to use them.  Of course, some of my crystal pieces are likely to get a little chip in them, but what is the point of having them hidden away for safe keeping in the cabinet?  The reason things become treasured heirlooms is because they are connected to the memory of using them and enjoying the company of loved ones.  So they aren’t going to be “treasured” quite so much if they are in a box for a hundred years.


The Tall Crystal Pitcher

 StudioSilversmiths 44207 Medea Pitcher – 42 oz.Check PriceThis is the pitcher I love to use everyday.  It is also stunning to use for celebrations, luncheons and parties.  When I am expecting company, I add water early and chill it for as long as possible.  Then later add the fruit or drink mix, tea or other flavorings right before I am ready to serve it.   That allows the beverage to be cold, but also at the peak of flavor.

The best part about this pitcher is it is tall and sleek, easy to pour, great for indoor or outdoor in the garden, and it works with a wide range of glassware if I don’t have matching glasses.

Clear glass or crystal glassware would coordinate well with this design.  Notice that the top area is relatively uncut.  This means my regular glassware still looks amazing with it.  The bottom area is embellished with a beautiful crystal cut design so it alone creates a more elegant setting.


For a Matched Set

If you would like the pieces that match this pitcher,  I have featured a few of them below.  They are the same design, but you may prefer to mix and match, especially if you are entertaining more guests than set will accommodate.   I have included the matching glasses below, but even without the glasses, the matching sugar bowl and creamer or the matching ice bucket are lovely additions to your crystal collection.

 Studio Silversmiths Medea Collection Crystal Highball Glasses (set of 6)Check Price StudioSilversmiths 44208 Medea Ice BucketCheck Price StudioSilversmiths 43964 Medea Sugar and Creamer SetCheck Price



A Touch of Color

 Waterford Crystal Lismore Cobalt PitcherCheck PriceBlue Crystal Pitcher

I love my blue crystal pitcher!  It goes with clear crystal items and brings out a wonderful glow of light intertwined with the other pieces.  I especially love to use it for water or other beverages with little or no color.  I would rather use a colored glass than to add artificial coloring to a beverage.  This is the perfect crystal pitcher to use when I want to add a splash of color to the serving table.

This gorgeous blue crystal pitcher also makes a lovely decorative piece in my dining room even when it is not being used for it’s intended purpose.  I have even been known to use my crystal pitchers as vases for long stem flowers.  Light colored tulips are among my favorites in spring and look amazing in the blue pitcher on the buffet in my dining room.

I assure you it is amazing to mix & match crystal with all of your service ware.  I do this for many reasons, but the main reason is that I don’t have to worry that a complete set is ruined or limited if one piece gets broken.   It is also easy to separate sweetened beverages from non-sweet beverages by pitcher color.

Why not have fun and show off what you love.  The more you create an eclectic style, the less and less ‘matching’ will ever cross your mind.

 Shannon Water Pitcher 46 OzCheck Price Waterford Crystal Lismore PitcherCheck Price


Crystal Pitcher & Glasses Set

This is a great set to use everyday and to give as gifts for wedding presents, bridal showers, housewarming, or a special gift for the hostess of a party.  I would give the set along with a wonderful drink mix so it is ready to use right away.   With such a beautiful cut glass design, truly any beverage is more visually appealing when serving.

The set comes with the 46 ounce pitcher and four glasses.  For my set at home, I have added an additional four glasses so I have an 8 serving set of the same size glass.  However, if I am expecting a lot of guest, I usually prefer to have the ice separate in an ice bucket and fill the pitcher with just liquid.  This simply allows me to make more at one time and cut down on the amount of time spent making more lemonade, iced tea, etc.  I have included the link to the ice bucket I use with this set when I have more than a few guests at a time.  It truly is a lovely and very useful matching piece.

 Godinger Dublin 5-Piece Crystal Drink SetCheck Price Godinger Dublin Crystal Ice BucketCheck Price


When I Really Want Clarity!

The Clear Crystal Pitchers

Either of these lovely pitchers would also make the perfect gift for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays or really just about any occasion for the recipient who loves entertaining with simple elegance.

I personally own two of the round pitchers which I use for luncheons and teas, but I really like the unique designs for more formal dinner parties.  They simply add a touch of elegant fun to the table.

 Marquis by Waterford Vintage Round PitcherCheck Price Lenox Tuscany Classics Crystal PitcherCheck Price Gorham Sutherton Crystal PitcherCheck Price


Crystal is Always Adds Beauty to Any Table

I hope you enjoy your crystal service sets and that each of your gatherings are festive and create memories for all to share for years to come.  Spending time together is above all the most important thing.  Making those moments we share together memorable is easy when we give each gathering a special energy by using the best of everything we have and that should always include the beauty of crystal.  I personally own several crystal pitchers that have been used and passed down for several generations.  Their association with family, fun gatherings, and good times makes them a treasured heirloom and a delight to see on the table any time.


Crystal Pitchers add a touch of elegance to parties & everyday living