Easter Kitchen Utensils are Easter Treats for the Cook

Easter Kitchen Utensils & DecorWe naturally think of gifts for children on Easter, but the cook in our home deserves an Easter treat too.  Actually, it is most often true that when we give a gift to the cook, we all get to enjoy it.  Any Easter decor or serving utensils are used by everyone present, family and guests included.  If we help the cook prepare meals or treats, then we certainly benefit from having special Easter bake-ware or cooking utensils.

As the main cook in our home, I always find holiday kitchen tools and gadgets uplifting and fun.  They add a little spark of cheer to cooking and working in the kitchen.  Easter gadgets are some of my favorites.  I love the pastel colors used for Easter decor and I adore bunny rabbits, which often dominate Easter anything.


 Fred & Friends THE COOK’S CARROT WhiskCheck Price

Easter Carrot Whisk

Every cook, whether baking or preparing a meal, needs a whisk.  When I stumbled across this carrot whisk, I laughed.  What a really cute and clever idea for anytime, but especially Easter.

The handle is made of silicone for easy gripe and hold.  Plus, this adorable whisk is also dishwasher safe, on the top rack of course.

This carrot whisk would certainly add a touch of whimsy to the kitchen, cooking and to the Easter holiday decor.  Just be careful.  A rabbit might sneak in and steal it from you.


 Burton & Burton Bunny Ceramic Spoon RestCheck Price

Easter Rabbit Spoon Rest

In keeping with the bunny theme, there is also a rabbit spoon rest.  The fat, cute bunny simply fits for Easter and makes an adorable addition to the kitchen for the holiday.  She will gladly even watch over your carrot whisk when it is at rest.

It is always nice to have a spot to set your spoon when you are cooking and this bunny spoon rest will provide that place.  She will help keep your kitchen counters or stove top clean.  Once dinner is served, it is easy to give the bunny spoon rest a quick wash in the sink and set her right back into place for the next meal preparation.


Easter Cookie Cutters

Of course, we wouldn’t dream of leaving out the cookie cutters to make Easter treats!  With 18 different cutters, every member of the family could choose their favorite and you could have a family cookie baking party.  Or, the main cook could back a huge variety of beautiful Easter cookies to serve.

 Wilton 2308-1134 Spring 18 Piece Metal Cookie Cutter SetCheck Price

Bunny Ring Holder

Every cook knows the real value of having a ring and bracelet holder in the kitchen when the work.  No one wants to have a gemstone fall in the food or get lost in dough.  Nor, do they want to lose a ring down the drain when washing dishes. This little bunny will happily hold your rings and bracelets while you cook providing them with a safe place out of harms way.

 Umbra Anigram Ring Holder, Bunny, CopperCheck Price

 Francois et Mimi 6 Piece Colorful
100% Melamine Mixing Bowls, Mixing Bowl Set (Pastel)
Check Price

Pastel Mixing Bowls

I mentioned in the introduction how much I love the pastel colors so often used in Easter decor. These mixing bowls are exactly what I had in mind.

Not only can they be used for mixing together delicious creations, but they could also be used to serve cold food like jello, potato salad or green salad. The smaller bowls could also hold Easter candy for the adults who didn’t get an Easter basket, but are tempted by the candy.

One note of interest, these bowls are dishwasher safe, but I would only wash them on the top rack.


Bunny & Chick Measuring Spoons and Pastel Measuring Cups

Last, but by no means least, I recommend these specialty measuring spoons and measuring cups for Easter.  Honestly, of all the cooking gadgets, utensils, and tools that I have in my kitchen, the measuring cups featured below are among my favorites. I love the pour spouts that allow me to easily pour from my measuring cups into the mixing bowls. It makes me wonder why all measuring cups don’t have those spouts.

 4 Piece Bunny Measuring SpoonCheck Price Creative Co-op Stoneware Measuring Cups, Multicolored, Set of 4Check Price

Easter Kitchen Utensils & Tools