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Red cast iron teapotI discovered the beauty and serviceability of cast iron teapots when our son gave his father this wonderful Christmas gift. I am very familiar with cast iron and it’s durability. I simply had not previously tried a cast iron teapot, but now I prefer them.

I started researching cast iron teapots and found that the exterior body is lined with an enamel to keep tea hot and the interior is made to resist stains and corrosion. Like all cast iron, cast iron teapots are made to last and keep your hot water and tea scalding hot longer.

A cast iron tea pot has a stainless-steel infusing basket that hangs from the inside for your tea bags or tea leaves. It is fabulous to use the cast iron tea pot for brewing tea and then set it right at the table for the freshest cup of tea. The tea stays hot because of the unique cast iron material that these tea pots and tea sets are made of. Cast iron teapots and tea sets make the perfect gifts for birthday, Christmas and anniversaries. We know from experience.

Rosseto Cast Iron Teapots

The teapots shown in the photo above are from the Rosseto line of Japanese-style teapots and are available in a variety of colors including the black or red in the picture. These are small, personal sized teapots that hold 10 oz. of water for brewing tea. Each teapot has a removable stainless steel strainer that allows loose leaf tea to unfurl, roll and steep properly, which creates the perfect cup of tea.

Rosseto also makes the larger 19 oz. Cast Iron Tea Pot. The design is basically the same, simply a larger version.

Old Dutch Cast Iron Teapots

 Old Dutch Cast Iron Kobe Teapot, 29-Ounce, BlackCheck Price

Old Dutch cast-iron teapots combine traditional Japanese styling and a modern aesthetic that result in very evocative shapes. They truly have a wide variety of styles, shapes, designs and colors.

The Tetsubin teapot shown on the right comes with a stainless steel tea brewing basket. It has a painted exterior with a porcelain enameled interior. It is not intended for stove top use.

Authentic Tetsubin teapots are traditionally heated over a charcoal fire, but in most homes today, we would simply heat our water on the stove top in a pan, or perhaps even a tea kettle, and pour the heated water into this teapot to brew and steep the tea.

 Old Dutch Cast Iron Fidelity Teapot, 27-Ounce, BlueCheck Price Old Dutch Greek Wine Cast Iron Kamakura Teapot with Stand, 26-OunceCheck Price


Iwachu Cast Iron Teapots

 Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot Tetsubin Gold and Black GoldfishCheck Price

Iwachu is one of the finest manufacturers of Japanese ironware. It is a company with a history of over 100 years and is known for exceptional quality. This is easily the most highly recommended design and manufacturer.

The goldfish depicted on this teapot is a Iwachu original design and symbolizes good fortune. While I do believe it would be a beautiful gift to give for any occasion, considering the symbolism of the goldfish, it would make the perfect wedding gift or house warming gift.

This cast iron teapot has an enamel coated interior and includes a removable stainless steel infuser.

As with any cast iron teapot, this is not a teapot for the stove top.


Cast Iron Teapot and Teacup Set

 Crane Cast Iron Tea Set with a Trivet, 4 Cups and 4 SaucersCheck Price

Serve your tea in style with this attractive Crane Cast Iron Tea Set featuring a lovely Crane design. The set includes the Tea Pot, a trivet, 4 matching tea cups and saucers, plus the mesh stainless steel strainer insert. It has a 24 ounce capacity. The interior of the teapot and cups is porcelain enamel. A beautiful set for yourself or to give as a gift.


Tevana Cast Iron Teapots

Most of us are familiar with the name Teavana simply because of the wide spread chain stores and they may well be why you are familiar with the beauty of cast iron teapots. What you may not know, is that they are owned by Starbucks coffee. Starbucks did not start Teavana, they simply “acquired” them from the couple with the dream.

The blue Maromi cast iron teapot featured below is a Teavana exclusive and would be a lovely addition to any home. The loose tea shown is also from Teavana and is truly a delicious herbal tea. They dragon teapot is featured here simply because you cannot write about cast iron teapots and not feature the ever popular dragon. This dragon design is a five toed dragon and he symbolizes power, strength and good fortune.

 Teavana Imperial Dragon II Cast Iron 20oz Teapot, Gold BlackCheck Price Teavana Peach Tranquility Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea, 2ozCheck Price Teavana Blue Maromi Bird Cast Iron TeapotCheck Price


Caring for Your Cast Iron Teapot

If you are familiar with caring for a cast iron skillet, I could simply say, treat the teapot the same way. You should hand wash your cast iron, blot dry with a towel, but allow it to mostly air dry so you are not rubbing the cast iron. If you have an enamel coating interior, you can certainly dry the interior completely with a towel.

In most cases, you will not heat a cast iron teapot on the stove top. You would prepare your tea in the cast iron teapot by pouring the heated water into the teapot and allowing it to brew and steep for a delicious cup of tea.

You will most likely need a trivet between your teapot and table, especially if it is a wood table. These teapots do get too hot to set directly on most surfaces.

Cast Iron teapots will keep your tea hot for close to an hour, but if you enjoy lingering over a good cup or two of tea, you may also wish to purchase a warmer made specifically for the cast iron teapots.

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