Nordic Ware Baking Pans

Nordic Ware Baking PansI am a huge fan of Nordic Ware Baking pans!  I love being able to bake otherwise plain cakes with beautiful designs.  For years, I have requested Nordic Ware Baking pans for any occasion gift.  For Christmas, my birthday, anniversaries or any other special day.  As a result, I have a fabulous collection of Nordic Ware Bakeware.

Like anything we collect, I do have my favorites.  I absolutely adore the Sweetheart roses.  They truly make my banana bread beautiful.  My second favorite is one of my most recent acquisitions.  I got it for Christmas and I simply could not wait to bake something.  When my husband requested cornbread, I grabbed my new Nordic Ware snowflake pan and went to work.  You can see for yourself how that pan made my cornbread beautiful.  I’m probably the only woman in town, or even this state, with “pretty” cornbread.

Nordic Ware Sweetheart Rose Baking Pan
My Banana Bread Sweetheart Roses
Nordic Ware Snowflake Baking Pan
My Snowflake Cornbread

 Nordic Ware Donut Cake PanCheck Price

Nordic Ware Baking Pans

Not all of my Nordic Ware has a pretty design. Some were selected because of their shape.  For instance, I wanted my donut cake pan to create the shape of a resting snake.  My son & I designed a snake cake and we needed that round, coiled look.  The Nordic Ware donut pan was perfect for making that shape.

If you look at just the rounded shape in the photo below, you will see the donut.


Nordic Ware Donut Baking Pan use
Our Snake Cake

Using Nordic Ware Bakeware

As you can see, you can use the bakeware exactly as intended to create a gorgeous shape or design.  Or, you can use it to create your own unique fun food.  The pans are simply the foundation of awesomeness!

There are lots of cakes or breads that look really plain that could easily be turned into gorgeous cakes or muffins with the Nordic Ware Bakeware.  Carrot cake, angel food cake, or any bread recipe are just examples of delicious baked items that have never before been viewed as beautiful in appearance.

Featured below are the pans I have featured, as well as a few more that I adore and thought you would probably like too.

Have fun baking beautiful and delicious treats!


Caring for Nordic Ware Bakeware

Nordic Ware bakeware comes with a lifetime guarantee, but I highly recommend hand-washing Nordic Ware pans. I always wash my bakeware by hand simply because I want it to last and to make sure I protect the non-stick coating on the pans.

Like any other baking pan, I grease my Nordic Ware pans with Crisco shortening or butter before each use. That way, the bread or cake will turn out easily without sticking.

When you use your Nordic Ware pans, keep in mind that the top side of the pan is actually the bottom on your baked item. Therefore, the pans are normally filled only halfway in order to allow for raising while baking.


Nordic Ware Bundt Pan

There is no such thing as a just a plain bundt cake when you are baking with Nordic Ware!

 Nordic Ware Blossom Bundt PanCheck Price


Nordic Ware Cake Pans