The Best Stand Mixer on a Budget

Best Affordable Stand MixerFor many years, I have been hearing about a particular stand mixer that was the best.  Well, I am here to tell you, those ads are misleading.   Let’s start with what defines “best”.  For me, I needed a stand mixer that would not jump off the counter, one that had at least 3 speeds, one that I could physically lift, and one that I could afford.   Surprisingly, those qualifications eliminated most of the stand mixers on the market today.  Thankfully, I found the perfect stand mixer for less than $100 and by a brand name that I have trusted all my life.

Since I have to move my stand mixer to use it, the weight is a huge factor.   Price would be next on my list.  We don’t have disposable income.  Therefore, I didn’t buy the first shiny thing that caught my eye and I did not let advertising (paid by the manufacturer) influence my decision.  I did listen to real customer reviews.

I wasn’t looking for a stand mixer that could transform into other kitchen equipment.  I simply needed a good, old-fashioned stand mixer that would save my arm and shoulder.  I never want to have to stop baking!


Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

(Model 63325)

 Hamilton Beach 63325Check PriceYou may find it hard to believe that anyone makes a fabulous and dependable stand mixer for less than $100.   I am extremely happy to tell you that my 4 year old stand mixer still costs less than $100 if you buy it new today.  Sure, you can pay a lot more, but why?

It comes with 3 attachments:  the flat beater, a dough hook and a whisk.  That is everything I would ever need.  What I don’t need is more “stuff” to store.

The Hamilton Beach stand mixer has non-slip feet and they work!  They don’t just claim to hold the mixer in place, they hold it.

It has 6 speeds which is awesome!  My stand mixer weighs 11 lbs and is easy to lift and move from one counter to another.  The Hamilton Beach stand mixer comes with a stainless stain mixing bowl that is dishwasher safe.

This motor will also lift and lock in place, making it easy to add ingredients, remove the mixing bowl or scrape the mixing bowl with a spatula.

My final analysis is that this is a fabulous stand mixer!  It may not be some bright and shiny color, but it definitely does the job.


Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer - Best Affordable Stand Mixer

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