Franz Porcelain Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets

Franz Salt & Pepper Shakers SetsFranz Porcelain Salt and Pepper Shakers Sets make a great décor style statement for your table or kitchen counter.  The styles are varied and coordinate with other Franz Porcelain designs.  You can add vases, teapots, or cup and saucer sets in coordinating designs to create a stunning table setting.

The Franz Porcelain Salt and Pepper Shakers Sets are functional and decorative.  They can be a centerpiece all on their own.  Choose from floral, peacock, goldfish, or swans.  There are also other design styles in the collection you are going to love for yourself or as gifts.  The artistic design style of Franz Porcelain is remarkable.  Each piece is a piece of art and collectively they become a set you are going to cherish for years to come


Franz Salt & Pepper Shakers
Are the Definition of Functional Beauty


 Franz Porcelain Long tail hummingbird salt & pepper shakers (set/2)Check Price


Franz Hibiscus Flower Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets

 Franz Porcelain Hibiscus Salt Pepper ShakersCheck PricThe Hibiscus Flower is a beautiful flower that is most often associated with a tropical island.

You can add the beautiful colors and design into your dining room, kitchen, or other rooms of the house.  In addition to their utilitarian purpose, the salt and pepper shakers can be set on the sideboard, as a centerpiece accent on the table, or on the counter in the kitchen.

As usual, this design is so lovely you may even forget they are also functional.  You are likely to see them as small decorative floral vases while the true function is hidden and waiting for someone to shake some salt or pepper onto a great meal.


Swan Lake Swan Salt and Pepper Shakers

Franz Porcelain Swan Salt and Pepper Shakers bring color and nature indoors. The elegant design is a great addition to your table setting and will fit into a wide range of design styles. The color is remarkable and if you love swan designs. this is one of the most stunning of all.

Franz Porcelain Swan Lake salt & pepper shakers Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price


“Venice” Peony – Franz Porcelain Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets

 Franz Porcelain Venice ShakersCheck Price

Floral designs are always a great choice for any table setting. These are so realistic people may need to look twice when they ask you to pass the salt.  Pretty enough to be a centerpiece.

The color scheme is lively and will accentuate your table setting.  The design is pure Franz in the sense you are sure to occasionally forget they are not real flowers.  The detail is stunning.  As a gift for weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays, you will find these well received.

Anytime you might give flowers you can give a Franz Porcelain floral designed item instead.  The remarks will come later when all the real flowers have perished and your gift remains as beautiful as the day it was received for years to come.


Franz Porcelain Dragonfly Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets

Franz Porcelain Dragonfly Salt and Pepper ShakersCheck Price

The Dragonfly salt and pepper shake set are an excellent example of why I love Franz porcelain so much!  They designers have perfected the art of taking very simple elements of nature and using them create a work of art.

Dragonfly designs are always a welcome accent for any room of the house.  You can use a dragonfly theme or add a few dragonfly elements as accents.

The Dragonfly Franz Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shaker Set is an elegant way to coordinate a dragonfly motif into your room or simply add a dash of color.



Franz Porcelain Salt and Pepper Sets Availability

All of the Franz Salt and Pepper Shaker sets are gorgeous, but they are not always easy to find.

Shopping online is one of the best ways to shop for collectibles if you can not find older styles or discontinued, limited edition, etc in your local stores to complete your own collection.

You are more likely to find something which has been in a collection for awhile or on display offered online.

 Franz Porcelain Black-throated passerine bird salt & pepper shakers by FranzCheck Price



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Franz Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shakers Sets