SafeCut Good Cook Can Opener

No Cut Can OpenerAvoid cutting your hands and fingers on can lids!  No More Sharp Can Lids!!!

There are dozens of dangers in the kitchen.  None are more common or prevalent than cutting your hands and fingers on can lids with jagged edges.  Not only are those cuts extremely painful, but they can get infected.  No can opener can prevent you from cutting yourself on a detached jagged can lid.   The sharp can lid edge seems to be lying in wait in the trash even if you avoid cutting your hand when opening the can.  However, a can opener with a SafeCut mechanism can spare you from getting any more painful kitchen cuts by can lids.

The photo on the right, is an image of the underside that shows how you can also open bottle caps and some lids.  It also shows the “hook” that helps pry off other lids when needed.


Clean Cut, Flat Edge Can Opener

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I discovered this wonderful can opener a few years ago while renting a condo in Florida.  It was the can opener supplied by the condo owners.  It did take a bit of trial and error attempts to figure out how to open a can.  However, once I suspended previous can opener knowledge, I found a fabulous new kitchen tool.

The SafeCut mechanism cuts the edge of the lid safely and leaves a smooth edge on the lid.  It would be impossible to cut your hand or fingers on the flattened edge of a lid that has been opened with a Good Cook Classic Can Opener.

To use the Good Cook Classic Can Opener, clamp it on the can lid edge and turn the handle.  Slightly turn the twist handle backwards to release the can.   It doesn’t feel like it is cutting or removing the lid.  You feel only a slight pressure as you turn the handle.  The first few times I used it, I was very surprised to find the lid was actually removed from the can.

Because this can opener makes working in the kitchen safer, I bought several to give as gifts.  Every home, every kitchen, should have a Good Cook Classic Can Opener that won’t leave a jagged lid edge lying in wait to cut anyone.