Top 10 Trifle Bowls & Trifle Recipes

trifle bowls
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Trifle Bowls are Beautiful Dessert Bowls & Gorgeous Centerpieces
I love making trifles!  Not only do I think they are delicious desserts, but they make stunning centerpieces for the table or buffet.

I own several trifle bowls.  One of my trifle bowls is very large and very deep.  I use it for parties or large family gatherings, like holidays.  I also have a trifle bowl that is small and perfect for a family of 4 dessert.  For those in-between times, I have one that is somewhere in between in size, which is perfect for a small dinner party with 10 – 12 guests.

The mini trifle bowls are always great!   The are wonderful for a more formal setting like a wedding rehearsal dinner or fundraiser dinner or even a small, elegant dinner party.  Making the mini trifles takes a bit more time, but sometimes they are just what is desired.

Even the Simplest Triple Bowls Are Beautiful!

 Libbey Selene 9-Inch Trifle BowlCheck Price


The beauty of a trifle is exemplified in these lovely trifle bowls! I doubt any of us have difficulty seeing what a lovely dessert and centerpiece trifle bowls make.

Most often trifles recipes made in a large trifle bowl take very little time to prepare and are always a beautiful addition to any dinner table.



 Anchor Hocking Presence Trifle BowlCheck Price Artland Simplicity Trifle BowlCheck Price



Elegant Trifle Bowls

For a more elegant setting, these trifle bowls are simply gorgeous! You can also use a beautiful serving bowl for a trifle, like the one shown on the right, if you don’t have a Trifle Bowl on hand.

Either of these trifle bowls or elegant serving bowls would make beautiful wedding or anniversary gifts!

Well, in all honestly, they would make a lovely “any occasion” gift.


 Godinger Dublin Centerpiece Glass BowlCheck Price Godinger Gourmet Trifle Bowl Dish – Dublin Crystal CollectionCheck Price



Trifle Bowls with Lids

When the party or dinner is being held somewhere besides home, it is wonderful to have a matching lid to cover and protect our trifle dessert.

Perfect for luncheons, potluck dinners or social gathering.

 Anchor Hocking Glass Trifle Bowl with Lid, 104 oz Glass Salad Bowl with Plastic LidCheck Price



Mini Trifle Bowls

The mini trifle bowls are not only very cute, but also very practical!

Single serving are occasionally what I prefer for a small dinner party. If I have a guest with special dietary concerns, I can make a special individual treat.

 Fifth Avenue Crystal Portico Mini Triffle Bowl or Votive Holder, Set of 4Check Price



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