Glass and Crystal Footed Cake Plates

Footed Cake PlatesThe Crystal Is The Icing Under The Cake!

I adore crystal pieces and the way a crystal serving piece can help create a special setting for a celebration.  Even a regular day can be enhanced and make someone we love feel special by “taking out the good china”, as we used to say.   Crystal can make every day and every occasion seem like a special event.

Each piece of crystal gives a special occasion a bit more sparkle.  The footed cake plates are my favorite because they will lift the cake up off the serving table and leave a great opportunity to create a service display with your favorite plates, silver, and napkins.

Cake plates are great serving pieces for more than just cakes on the serving table, including the fruit salad, a favorite pastry, chocolates, or other dishes.  A cake plate works for cupcakes as well as cake.  They come in a great selection of crystal designs and some are tinted or colored.

A footed crystal cake plate can make your kitchen counter a focal point every day without totally dominating the counter work space.


Arranging The Service Table

This type of cake plate works well all year long for birthdays and special days when I bake a cake.  The service can be as simple as our nightly dinner or as elegant as a wedding reception with this kind of crystal.

 Marquis By Waterford Crystal Canterbury Footed Cake PlateCheck Price

There are more and more people watching what they eat.  A thoughtful idea is to have a smaller  cake plate for specialty or dietary selections such as gluten free or sugar free cupcakes.  This gives your guests an option and lets them know that you planned a special treat for them too.

 Fifth Avenue Crystal 211577 Little Birds Pedestal Cake Plate with DomeCheck Pric

Consider two smaller cake plates to create your display with one larger cake plate for the main cake.

You could use this amazing smaller domed crystal cake stand to create a display with height and drama.

You may even want to consider two of this size and one of the larger size to give the table that “decorator” balance.

Put small items like sugar free candy, sugar free cupcakes, or small gifts on the smaller cake plates.  That way, your guest will be sure to select the correct treat for their dietary needs or preferences.


Crystal Entertaining & Gifts

These are a few of the best crystal designs and designers based on my experience and love for crystal.  When selecting a piece of crystal, I consider the design, the clarity, the amazing durability, and the cut.  Creating crystal is an art form. Quality crystal will last a lifetime.

You will want to choose the best for wedding gifts and other important holiday gifting.

Important note:  I do want to note that some of the more prolific distributors of cake plates today are taking short cuts when manufacturing the footed cake plates.  They are gluing the pedestal to the plate instead of creating the piece as one unit.  This can actually be a serious problem.  You never know when the pedestal will decide to come off and your cake or food will end up in the floor, or the plate itself could be shattered when it hits the floor.   I have omitted the companies from my list of top crystal designers that I know use that practice of assembly.  In my opinion, that is not a quality product.    You will have to pay more for the higher quality footed cake plates.


Top Crystal Designers & Their Collections

Crystal Cake PlateOften crystal cake plates can be used for alternative purposes.  The photo above is of the Nachmann Cake Plate that has been inverted in the photo below to use as a appetizer and dip tray.  Being able to use you cake plate in a variety of ways may well determine which cake plate you select to purchase for your party and kitchen.

 Marquis by Waterford Sheridan Cake PlateCheck Price Nachtmann Dancing Stars Bossa Nova Crystal Cake PlateCheck Price Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Masterpiece Footed Cake Plate with Dome CoverCheck Price Mikasa Celebrations Belmont Footed Cake Plate 12.5Check Price Gorham LADY ANNE FOOTED CAKE PLATECheck Price


Domed Cake Plates

Personally, I have several footed crystal cake plates that are reserved for parties, but I have two domed cake plates that I use in my kitchen.  I have one that is crystal and one that is glass.   I prefer the domed cake plates because they will protect the food from insects, food spatters, or other accidents like a sleeve dragging across the decorated cake.

My glass domed cake plate was a gift from my brother and his precious wife many years ago, therefore it holds special meaning to me.  It is also the one I am more likely to to use daily on my kitchen counter in spite of the fact that the glass dome is heavier than the crystal dome.


 Belmont Domed Cake StandCheck Price Libbey Selene Cake Dome 2-Piece Set, ClearCheck Price Arthur Court Elephant Footed 8-Inch Plate with Glass DomeCheck Price Martha Stewart Collection Serveware, Glass Cake Stand with Leaf DomeCheck Price

It is a house rule that any member of my family or any guest can help themselves to whatever is under the dome.   To be perfectly honest, I know the glass dome will not shatter easily and I want everyone to feel at ease when grabbing a muffin or a piece of cake.

We use the crystal domed cake plate for birthdays and celebrations when I will be cutting and serving the cake at a particular time.   Needless to say, the crystal is more fragile than the glass domed cake plate.

One last thought, when selected you domed cake plate, consider the normal height of your cakes.  I have a coconut cake that I make for the holidays that is taller than an standard cake, therefore, I need a taller dome to cover and protect that cake.


Beautifully Unique Cake Plates

Sometimes, for a really special occasion, you may want a really unique cake plate.  Perhaps, you want to add a little color to your table.  Or, you have a party theme and would like a cake plate that carries your themes.

Here is one really beautifully unique cake plate that you might want to consider for your special events.

 Galway Cake StandCheck Price


Crystal Square Cake Plate

A clear cake plate is appropriate for any season or holiday.  Simply determine if you prefer round or square.  Either shape is beautiful.

This is one of the gorgeous square crystal cake plates which is perfect for the holidays because of the amazing design.  When you have a square cake, or a designer shaped cake, a square style works the best and will give you more room to display your designer cake.

 Crystal Clear Alexandria Square Pedestal PlateCheck Price

Cupcakes also display amazingly on a square cake plate. You will find many opportunities to use the square shape with your favorite cake decorating embellishments.  Plus, there is really no reason why you could display a round cake on a square plate.  It might be a bit harder to put a square cake on a round plate unless it is a small cake.

The 11 inch square footed cake plate will lift up your display and give you a good sized surface to serve square or round cake, cupcakes, or use this to lift up a basket of silverware or napkins.


Crystal Party Set Multipurpose Cake Plate


Cake Plate Party Set

There are several cake plates which allow you to create a variety of service displays.  These are decidedly among my favorites.  This cake plate can easily adapt to just about any menu with the various ways you can configure this amazing server.

Salad, punch bowl, snack plate, dip and veggie plate, and much more.  Each piece can be moved and changed around together or separately.  You might discover you find more than six ways to use this versatile cake plate set.

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