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Halloween apronsProtect Your Costume with a Halloween Apron

When you are preparing the food for the Halloween party or helping in the kitchen, you will need a Halloween apron to protect your Halloween costume.

Halloween costumes are often quite expensive.  The last “trick or treat” the hostess wants for the Halloween party is to have their costume messed up or even ruined with splatters and spills.

Of course, some of these Halloween aprons are so cute, you may decide to wear it all evening instead of, or as part of a Halloween costume.


Highest Rated Halloween Aprons

Our Favorite

This beautiful apron would be perfect for a Halloween party.  It was voted #1 by our staff because not only would it be an awesome Halloween choice, but it would be a lovely apron year round.  This apron is trimmed with black fabric with white polka dots and has a fantastic pocket made of that same material.

 Hemet Catrinas and Skulls ApronCheck Price


Wear an Apron for Halloween

 Halloween Costumes – Halloween Apron – Skull & Crossbones Apron – Skeleton Kitchen Apron – Halloween Costume – Full ApronCheck Price

Most Halloween parties are planned for a weekend night when the 31st falls on a weeknight.  Therefore, oft times, we are staying home and handing out candy to the trick or treaters on Halloween night itself.  With all the children dressed in their costumes, it makes us want to play along too and dress up.  A Halloween apron over plain black slacks is the perfect “handing out candy to the kiddies” costume for Halloween.

The Skull & Crossbones Apron Would be the Perfect Costume Substitute

This apron would be a lot of fun to wear!  The fabric is covered with the popular skull & crossbones image.  The monster hands give the appearance of the hostess being grabbed from behind by a villain.  The tiered ruffles add a bit of fashion flair.


Basic Black

Wear to protect the front of your Halloween costume without detracting from the costume itself!

This basic black apron would be an excellent selection to wear to protect the front of your Halloween costume without detracting from the costume itself!

Because the bib is only 11″ wide, your costume will still be very visible, but a bit less vulnerable to splitters or accidents while cooking and setting the table.

 DII Ruffles Hostess Apron with Rose Full, BlackCheck Price


Halloween Half Aprons

 Halloween Black Spider Skirt – Halloween Witch Spider ApronCheck Price

Halloween Skirt Aprons

Some costumes with ruffles or other embellishments down the front, neck or shoulders might not allow for the bib style apron.  Therefore, you may prefer the Halloween half apron, also known as a skirt apron, that covers from the waist down.

This style of apron doesn’t give as much protection as a full apron, but is often sufficient to protect your costume, or to give you a touch of Halloween to your everyday clothes.


Recommended for the Halloween Dinner Party

Elegant Halloween Apron

The Little Black Dress Apron is perfect for the hostess who provides her guests with a variety of scrumptious treats!

This apron comes with the hand towel and pearl necklace, but both are detachable if you prefer to wear the apron without them.

The apron ties at the neck and the waist.

 Pretty Snappy Designs Black & White Polka Dot Dressy ApronCheck Price


How to Make A Halloween Apron

If you love to sew and don’t see an apron that you like, here are a few videos with instructions that show you how to make your own apron.  Personally, I do like being able to select my own fabric for a very original apron.


Featured in the Introduction

Halloween apronThe Halloween Festive Pumpkin Hostess Apron, featured in the introduction, is available for purchase by simply clicking the link below.  This jolly little jack-o-lantern would be a lot of fun to wear at the Halloween party.

Click Here to Purchase the Halloween Festive Pumpkin Hostess Apron

Any of these Halloween Aprons would be fun to wear. Be sure to have a safe and Happy Halloween!



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