Fabulous Character Oven Mitts & Puppets

Every morning I am greeted by my fabulous fox oven mitt!

Character Oven MittsI really do love this oven mitt.  It is not only an awesome oven mitt that protects my hands, but it doubles as a puppet.  When I cook, I am no longer talking to myself.  Now, I am talking to my fox and my fox answers me.  When company comes over, the fox runs to the door with me to greet our guests.  Everybody loves my fox!

I find it very entertaining to see reactions from company when the little fox hand tilts forward and her ears pop up.  I have had several guests threaten to take my baby home with them, but foxy will be staying right here with me.  However, you and my guests could have your very own fox in your kitchen.

Collisionware has become one of my favorite shops on Etsy simply because of her ingenious creations. Not only is she the creator of my precious fox oven mitt, but she makes other character oven mitts, as well as gorgeous pot holders in a variety of designs.


Fox Oven Mitts

 Character: Fox Oven MittCheck PriceIsn’t this fox just the cutest kitchen companion?  With her large black eyes and pointed ears, you can rest assured she is watching and listening carefully.  Ready to lend a paw and cover your hand when needed.

The heat resistant batting that Collisionware uses does indeed protect your hand when reaching into the oven and lifting out hot cookie trays or baking dishes.

The practicality of a well made oven mitt is obvious to anyone, but I love the personality of the character oven mitts.  They are simply charming.

If the Collisionware fox oven mitt is not available, you may want to consider the oven mitt offered by PallikeCreation. This creator uses terry cloth insulation and a slightly different pattern, but it is an adorable alternative.


The Devil Oven Mitts

I suppose there is a little “devil” in all of us at times and I do love deviling my family with this adorable little guy.  In keeping with the image, this little devil is perfect for hot places.  The biggest difference, this dude will protect you from the burn.  Plus, he really does present a delightful bit of entertainment in the kitchen.

 Character: Devil Oven MittCheck Price


Shark Oven Mitts

 Boston Warehouse Shark Decorative Mitt, one size fitsCheck Price

Imagine calling a shark for help!

Normally, the last thing we want to see anywhere is a shark.  However, this shark it an excellent friend to have around.  He will latch on to a hot skillet or pan without blinking.

I personally love the design inside the shark oven mitts mouth.  He has upper and lower teeth but they are sewn inside the mouth to keep them from creating an obstacle when actually using him as an oven mitt.

I also love his fin and flippers.  They add just the right finishing touch to a shark face you will learn to love and one you will never need to fear.

 Novelty Alligator Oven MittCheck Price


Kitty Cat Oven Mitts

 Kitty Cat Oven MittCheck Price

If you love cats, you are going to be crazy about the handmade kitty cat oven mitt!

Like my precious fox, the kitty cat oven mitt has pointed ears that will stand out if you wish to use her as a puppet when playing in the kitchen.  But, don’t be fooled!  She is an oven mitt and she can stand take the heat.  Plus, it won’t scorch her whiskers.

All of the oven mitts have loops for hanging and they can all be washed in cold water.

Any of these fabulous character oven mitts would make great gifts for the cook, for newlyweds, or they would be wonderful housewarming gifts.


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Character Oven Mitts & Puppets