Franz Porcelain Sugar Bowls and Creamers

Franz Porcelain Sugar Bowls and Creamers setsFranz Porcelain Sugar Bowls and Creamers are a fabulous way to start or add to a Franz Porcelain collection.  Even if you already have a Franz porcelain sugar bowl and creamer set, you can add new styles to your collection.  Multiple sets will allow you to always have great themes for your table at every meal.  Franz Porcelain pieces are amazing keepsake quality and will give your table settings a unique decorator touch.

The sugar bowls and creamers are fabulous for any meal or for a simple bowl of cereal.  They are fabulous to set out for tea or coffee.  Franz porcelain is appropriate for a family meal or for entertaining guests.  The beautiful themes can be coordinated with your dinnerware or your party theme.  These are elegant and amazing accents you will treasure and enjoy with friends and family.


Franz Porcelain Lotus and Kingfisher Sugar Jar & Creamer

The Franz Porcelain Lotus and Kingfisher design offers a variety of items so you can create a coordinating set for your collection if desired.   The sugar bowl and creamer are sold separately, but they certainly make a gorgeous set.  The yellow, blues and pinks would be a lovely accent for almost any decor, especially the neutral or earth-tone colors.

This little Kingfisher is sure to delight any birdwatchers soul!


The Most Beautiful Bowls and Creamers

From the Franz Porcelain collection

Franz Porcelain is such a delightful way to bring the garden themes you love into your kitchen and dining room.  The collection is extraordinary and the artist has a good eye for bringing a bit of every design style into the artistry.

 Franz Porcelain Azalea Allure CreamerCheck Price Franz Porcelain Island Beauty hibiscus flower sugar jar with coverCheck Price


Sculptured and elegant, as well as a bit art deco combined with whimsy.  You are sure to enjoy having them in your home to collect, display, and bring to the table when you entertain.  Create everyday memories for the family by using these lovely sets daily.

The sugar bowls are sold separately from the creamers, but each coordinating creamer is featured beside the sugar bowl for your convenience.  Either one of these sets would make a lovely addition to your kitchen or dining room decor.

 FRANZ Collection – Winter Wonderland – Chickadee Sugar BowlCheck Price Franz Collection – Winter Wonderland – Chickadee CreamerCheck Price


Franz Porcelain Phoenix

Put this Franz porcelain Phoenix sugar jar and creamer in your home for that bold, yet elegant style of porcelain.  This set will definitely offer a very unique presentation!

The Franz porcelain Phoenix design is going to look fabulous on your table as well as in your collection display case.  I absolutely love that creamer!  It would even be fun to use without the sugar jar.

 Franz Porcelain Phoenix in Flight bird sugar jar Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price Franz Porcelain Phoenix in Flight bird creamer Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price


Elegant Franz Porcelain Floral Sugar Bowls and Creamers

Bring the floral themes to your table with these amazing Franz Porcelain sugar bowls and creamers.  The white calla lily design will lend beautifully to any decor.

The elegant blossom Waltz-Yulan Magnolia design adds a lovely, romantic garden flair to your table.  The sugar bowls and creamers with elegant floral designs will add the energy of Franz, as well as the magical qualities of a garden retreat.

 Franz Porcelain Elegant Blossom Waltz-Yulan Magnolia SugarCheck Price


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Franz Sugar Bowls and Creamer Sets