Pretty Blank Recipe Cards

Recipe CardsBlank recipe cards make great gifts for anyone who cooks.  As the main cook in our home, I must admit that I often refer back to my recipes to make sure I haven’t forgotten an ingredient.  Surprisingly enough, some of the meals I most often make are also the ones I am most likely to forget something and not even realize it until the dinner is done.  I suspect that is simply because I am more or less mindlessly working by rote.  Therefore, it is an excellent idea to have every recipe written down for reference, even if you don’t think you need one.

Having blank recipe cards is essential in a kitchen.  Not only do I need to write down my own recipes for myself, I need recipe cards to share my recipes when they are requested.  I prefer having pretty recipe cards on hand instead of quickly scribbling out a recipe on a scrape of paper.

After years of keeping my cards alphabetized in a recipe box, I had to make a change.  The number of recipe cards outgrew the space in the box.  Now, I use a recipe 3-ring binder filled with photo pocket pages.  However, I still keep the recipes in alphabetical order.


Pretty Recipes Cards

Practical and pretty are the perfect combination for recipe cards for any kitchen.  I don’t like a lot of extra pre-printed details because I always feel like I have to fill in all the blanks.  Personally, I prefer a simple lined card with a lovely image.  The card shown below is lined front and back to accommodate short or long recipes.

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Sharing Recipes on Pretty Recipe Cards

If you are invited to, or perhaps hosting, a bridal shower or housewarming, favorite recipes are always a great gift.  New brides often need reliable recipes and they certainly appreciate having the pretty recipe cards to start their own recipe binders.  And, what better way to celebrate a new home than having new recipes to cook in the new kitchen.

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