Pretty Ceramic Measuring Spoons Sets

ceramic measuring spoonsOver the years, it seems I have unintentionally started several kitchen collections.  My various sets of pretty measuring spoons is my latest collection.  I love all the unique styles and colors available today in measuring spoons.  They are simply irresistible!

When I started cooking decades ago, the only measuring spoons I had, were a Tupperware set that I purchased at a party.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that Tupperware set and I still use them to this day.  However, when it comes to looks, I wouldn’t call them pretty.  I now own several sets of ceramic measuring spoons that are quite lovely.  Ceramic measuring spoons will break, so hang on to those durable & practical measuring spoon sets from bygone days.

One note to bakers:  The ceramic measuring spoons are often more decorative than accurate.  I do not recommend them if recipe measurements are exact or precise.


Ceramic Owls Measuring Spoons Set

 Owl Design 4-Piece Measuring SpoonsCheck Price

Owls are pretty hot right now!  I know several people who collect anything “owl”.  These ceramic owl spoons would be a perfect gift for friends who love owls, or for yourself if you happen to be the owl collector.

Not only are they adorably cute with their big eyes and sweet expressions, but I love the wing-shaped handles.  They are definitely a very unique set.

Any of these ceramic measuring spoons should be hand-washed.  Their size alone would make them hard to set in a dishwasher.   Even if you have a basket in your dishwasher, don’t be tempted.  You will want to preserve their beauty by washing them by hand.


Kitty Cat Ceramic Measuring Spoons

 Cat Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons Check Price

Cat shapes are perfect for measuring spoons!  The faces are painted on the inside of the scoop and ears are added to complete the “picture”.  Because they are so simply created, they are more accurate than many sets of decorative spoon sets.

It would be impossible to gaze upon these adorable kitty faces and not smile.  They certainly add a touch of fun to working in the kitchen or cooking.

The cat spoons come tied together with a ribbon.  Since there is already a hole on the ends of each spoon, you could easily remove the ribbon and hang the kitty spoons on separate wall mounted hooks.  That way, they would be decorative as well as practical.


Unique & Beautiful

Whether you prefer a touch of whimsy or a more elegant style, there are beautiful measuring spoon sets available for just about any preference.  They make lovely housewarming gifts, bridal shower gifts, birthday gifts, or simply “treat yourself” gifts.  It is nice to have something fun to use when cooking and even better when they can double as decor.

 Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral Ceramic Measuring SpoonsCheck Price Sizikato 4pcs Porcelain Measuring Spoons with Base, Cow Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoon SetCheck Price Pacific Giftware Loveable Cute Honey Bee Ceramic Measuring Spoons Set of 4Check Price


Pretty & Unique Measuring Spoons