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Fruit Baskets Are Great Gifts for anyone, but especially the cook!

There is not a better Christmas gift for me, than a Fruit Basket.  I have heard comments in the past about wanting to see a gift that I can keep, but honestly, easing my workload during the holidays allows me time to create memories I will keep forever.  Plus, I can keep the basket and reuse it for a floral arrangement.

Our home is always overflowing with family and friends during the holidays. Sometimes the cooking gets a bit overwhelming, especially when so many people stay with us for several days. It seems like no matter how much food I prepare ahead of their arrival, there is still a lot of cooking each day.

Every year my sister brings one of my favorite gifts. She brings a fruit basket! Let me tell you, when your home is the holiday meeting place, every thoughtful gift makes a big difference.

The members of my family sleep on different schedules. Some like to stay up late and talk. Others are up with the sunrise, ready for coffee and breakfast. As their hostess, it is impossible for me to have everything covered and sleep myself. They all know that and are super about grabbing an apple or banana from that fruit basket and satiating their hunger with a nutritious snack.

I can’t think of a better gift for a visiting guest to bring to their hostess or to send as a gift. After all, we all have to eat!

The Season’s Bounty fruit basket featured above is filled with the best fruits of the season, such as pineapple, apples, ripe bananas, luscious peaches, coconut, kiwi, and more.


Fruit Gift Baskets that Include More than Fruit

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When it comes to snacks, sometimes we want something in addition to, or instead of, fruit. This collection is filled with fruit, cheeses, sausage, snacks, candy and a whole lot more so just about any craving can be easily and quickly satisfied with little or no mess.

I frequently set the fruit basket at the table during our board or card games so everyone can easily help themselves without anyone having to get up and leave the game.

This Fruit Gift Basket would be a wonderful gift. If you can’t join your family and friends for the holiday, you can still send your best wishes for a happy holiday.


The Fruit Gift Basket Collection

There are several fruit gift baskets available. Take a close look and decide which gift basket would best suit the appetites of your own family or group of friends.

Or, perhaps you have a family member who cannot be with you and you wish to send them a “taste” of the holidays. A Fruit Gift Basket is certainly a great gift for anyone.

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  1. dawn rae says:

    What a great idea. My maternal grandmother, rest her soul, always sent us fresh oranges from her yard in Florida. Those were the best winter gifts (I grew up in frozen northern Indiana). I never thought that I could send fruit baskets.

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