Franz Porcelain Cake Plates

Franz Porcelain Cake Plates Make a Lovely Display

Decorative Cake PlatesI do love the Franz Porcelain Cake Plates, but they are often in limited supply.  The few featured here are limited and rare, not only in beauty, but also in availability.

I use my cake plate for special parties, but I also enjoy displaying my collection.  The Franz designs are vibrant and decorative, unique and sometimes whimsical, but they are always gorgeous.

They also make great gifts for anyone who collects Franz Porcelain, unique cake plates, or to help someone start a new collection.


Cake Plates are Multi-purposed

A cake is a festive part of a party and having the right cake plate is going to help set the mood for the party you are creating.  I enjoy serving cake, cupcakes, petit fours, or just about anything on a cake plate!

As a collector of Franz Porcelain, I am quite familiar with the detail and beauty of each piece.  I know the huge impact it will have, when I bring a cake plate to the party with or without a cake.


Sakura Floral – Franz Porcelain Cake Plates

Water Themes

One of my personal favorites is the Franz Porcelain Sakura Floral cake plate.  In soft blue with pink flowers design that is truly a delightful piece.  The base of this cake plate is also quite unique giving it an even more desirable appeal.

The cake plate has the appearance of a lovely pond issuing an invitation to relax.  This cake plate would fit nicely into garden or beach themed décor.

 Sakura Floral Porcelain Cake PlateCheck Price



Garden Themes – Franz Porcelain Cake Plates

Papillon Butterfly Pedestal Cake Plate

This is a pedestal cake plate with a unique garden theme which has a feeling of floating on a flower stem.  Your cake will be nestled in the dish with a butterfly wing holding onto the edge.  Give your cake a decorative style and it will fit right in with this porcelain cake plate.

 Franz Porcelain Papillon butterfly pedestal cake plateCheck Price



Animal Themes

Wise Monkeys Cake Plate

One of the most colorful of the cake plate collection and best suited for men and boys, perhaps, this is going to give your party cake an unexpected boost and add interest to the party theme.  Take the monkey theme throughout the party décor or choose a variety of ‘zoo’ or ‘jungle’ themes so everything coordinates.

 Franz Porcelain Wise Monkeys large cake plate Jean BoggioCheck Price



Floral Themed Cake Plate

One cake plate you can use for any party. The color is vibrant and the floral design is delicate. Great combination for anyone’s party (birthday, anniversary, or wedding reception). This would also make a great Valentine’s Day Serving Dish. Take your cake plates and use them for serving any kind of foods at any party or gathering.

 Peony Franz Porcelain Cake PlateCheck Price



Decorative Themes – Franz Porcelain Cake Plates

The Eternal Love design is such a delightful piece you are sure to find a large audience for this one.  A sweet cake with white icing and blue embellishments would be divine on this creatively designed cake plate.  How about using this for a milestone anniversary or to serve a birthday wish cake to anyone you love.

 Franz Porcelain Eternal Love cake plateCheck Price



Add Other Items To Your Collection

Would You Like Coordinating Items?

Each of the following collections gives you a variety of designs in each of the items you may like to add to your collection.  Are you looking for Franz Porcelain Teapots, Vases, Cup & Saucer Sets, or Sugar Bowls & Creamer Sets?   You will find them in the following Collection Guides.

  • Franz Porcelain Vases:  Gift Menagerie
    Franz Porcelain Vases Come In Many Shapes & Sizes!  This page will focus on categories to find the perfect vase in floral, bird, garden, and seascape themes
  • Franz Porcelain Figurines:  Beautiful Home and Garden
    Franz Porcelain Collectible Figurines come in a variety of themes and coordinate well with other Franz collections.  This page will showcase the Franz Porcelain Figurines in themes such as holiday, angels, water creatures, people, animals, and winged.
  • Franz Porcelain Teapots
    Franz porcelain teapots are beautifully designed, intricately detailed and uniquely stunning!  Franz teapots will enrich your surroundings and add beauty throughout your home.  Not only are they gorgeous teapots, they are breathtaking works of art.
  • Franz Porcelain Lidded Boxes:  Beautiful Home & Garden Decor
    A Franz Porcelain Box is perfect to keep your most precious treasures, jewelry, trinkets, or mementos.  The boxes are delicate and decorative as are all of the Franz Porcelain Collection.  They can be set alone anywhere or grouped with other décor.
  • Franz Porcelain Sugar Bowls and Creamers
    Franz Porcelain Sugar Bowls and Creamers are a fabulous way to start or add to a Franz Porcelain collection.  Even if you already have Franz Porcelain Sugar Bowls and Creamers you can add new styles to your collection so you always have great themes.


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