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avatar_mouse From the Little Pear~ Primary 400 x 400I enjoy cooking and the kitchen is truly the heart of our home. You can often find me there working, laughing , chatting with family members and loving every minute. I also enjoy sewing, needlework and all crafts. When I can combine these interest and create unique recipe, design cakes or cupcakes, or add a twist to a standard meal, then I get pretty excited.

I have published hundreds of articles about crafts, recipes, travel, endangered animals, and even recommended family movies and musicals that you will not want to miss. I enjoy writing online where I share some of my favorite craft ideas, recipes, unique designs and tutorials, gardening ideas and travel advice. I also love writing about my favorite wildlife, especially endangered species. It would be my true desire to put them in the spotlight so that others recognize the need before it is too late.

In addition to my writing, I love photography. You can see and share my photographs on my photography website or in my Zazzle store. In case you are wondering, the little blue mouse in the photo, was my original avatar when I started publishing online nearly 15 years ago.  He represented my first pet when I was merely a child, a mouse named Sylvester and I loved him dearly.

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