Halloween Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets

We all enjoy adding a touch of the season in our kitchen.  There is no better way to do that than with Halloween salt & pepper shaker sets.

Many of us collect salt and pepper shaker sets, but you don’t have to be a collector to appreciate the added holiday decor in the kitchen.   Shaker sets are a fast and easy way to decorate for Halloween.  Plus, they are not hard to store from year to year simply because they are not very big.

Halloween salt & pepper shakers also make an excellent hostess gift if you plan to attend a Halloween party this year.  They are truly a special Halloween treat for the chef in any kitchen.


Friendly Halloween Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets

There are times when we prefer non-scary decor.  Some people simply don’t like the macabre scenes associated with Halloween.  Others have young children in the home and want something cute.  Here are several “friendly” salt and pepper shaker sets that anyone can enjoy.

Pumpkins are always appropriate for Halloween because of the season and harvest time.  The friendly ghost or kitty are fabulously fun and definitely not scary.

 Pacific Giftware Cat Pumpkins Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers, 3 1/2” tall, BlackCheck Price Halloween Decorative Ghost and Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shaker SetCheck Price


Slightly Scary, but Still Fun

When the children in the family home are old enough to enjoy the slightly scary, yet playful, vampires, witches, and monsters, these sets would be awesome.  The kissing couples are actually rather funny, especially the vampire kissing his home.    Halloween decor doesn’t have to be terrifying to be excellent choices for the kitchen table.

 Vampire with a Coffin Magnetic Ceramic Halloween Salt and Pepper ShakersCheck Price Zombies Monster and Bride Magnetic Ceramic Halloween Salt and Pepper ShakersCheck Price Halloween Witch Couple Pumpkin Salt & Pepper ShakersCheck Price


Scary Halloween Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets

The wickedly scary sets are great for Halloween parties or dinners that do not include children.  Something I really like about these two sets is that the shakers can be used year round without their scary holders.

Skeletons and zombies tend to freak all of us out to some degree which is why they are perfect for the adult Halloween buffet table.  Even with the salt and pepper in use, you still have a creepy table figurine.

 Skeleton Pirate Guarding Gold Treasure Salt and Pepper Shaker Set and Decorative Figurine Display Stand Holder for Halloween Decorations or Nautical Kitchen Table Decor As Gifts of Skulls & SkeletonsCheck Price Graveyard Zombie Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Figurine Sculpture Halloween Decoration & Decorative Bar or Kitchen Tabletop Accent and Gothic GiftsCheck Price


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