Franz Porcelain Cup and Saucer Sets

Franz Cup & Saucer setMake your coffee and tea time a unique and memorable occasion by serving your preferred beverage in Franz Porcelain Cup and Saucer Sets.

When hosting a tea party, there is no need to have a dozen or more of the same patterned cup and saucer sets.  Let each guest use a different style and color for a lovely eclectic table setting.  At the end of the day, you will have a beautiful collection of cup and saucers sets.

You could have a themed tea party where all of your cup and saucer sets have an animal or floral theme, or perhaps use the same color combinations.  Either way, your tea party will be lovely and fun.  No doubt, these cup and saucer sets will make awesome conversation starters among your guests.

When we think of Franz Porcelain Cup & Saucer Sets, we often think of them in design themes, color combinations, or set attributes.   With that in mind, this page has organized the sets by design theme.  It also organizes them by color combination in case you would like to add to a collection while also coordinating with the decor of your home.

You’ll find animal design themes, color combinations, floral themes as well as birds and winged creatures.  One thing all Franz Porcelain cup and saucer sets have is common, they are all gorgeous.

Have fun!  I hope you find something you will love and cherish for yourself, or perhaps to give as a gift to a collector.  Sometimes, we are simply looking for a piece to add to an existing collection.


Animal Themes – Franz Porcelain Cup and Saucer Sets

 Franz Porcelain Jungle Fun Monkey Cup Saucer Spoon 02002Check Price

Aren’t these safari animal cup and saucer sets simply fabulous?!!  Few porcelain creations match the beauty and unique style of the Franz Porcelain collections.

The animals are quite a popular theme and the cup and saucer sets are remarkable as they come in imaginative designs for animal lovers of all kinds.   A combination of the animal cup and saucer sets would certainly make an impressionable tea time.  Personally, my biggest problem would be choosing which set the hostess would claim for the day.

There are several animal themed Franz cup and saucer sets, including some that have the fur or coat design, instead of the actual animal displayed.   My personal favorite animal sets are the mothers and babies, so I have chosen to feature them here today.


Winged Creatures – Franz Porcelain Cup and Saucer Sets

 Franz Porcelain Hummingbird Design Cup Saucer Set SpoonCheck Price

The winged creature collection would make a stunning selection for a spring tea party.  I have no doubt these beautiful cup and saucer sets would grace your table with delicate beauty and style, very much like the creatures they emulate.  Of course, we could actually hold these lovely birds and butterflies and they would never fly away.  Again, these unique styles are sure to captivate your guests.

A collection of the birds, butterflies, and dragonfly cup and saucer sets would also make a lovely home decoration when they are not being used as service pieces.  You may well want to start a collection and add one new piece periodically.  Adding one item at a time to any collection, allows the collector to really be able to enjoy each piece separately.  In the case of a cup and saucer set, we could enjoy drinking tea from one set until another is added.  Then we could “retire” the one set and start using the newest addition.  That way, each individual cup and saucer set would have special memories associated with it when we view our collection as a whole.



Floral Themes – Franz Porcelain Cup and Saucer Sets

 Franz Porcelain Van Gogh Sunflowers cup/saucer/spoon set Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price

Why not bring the garden into your home!  The floral collection is truly divine and quite extensive!  All of the colors are so vibrate and beautiful.  It really is like having a lovely assorted bouquet of lovely flowers gracing your kitchen.

You will find that flowers are often used throughout the Franz cup and saucer collections.  They are combined with the winged creatures or used as background elements, but there are indeed some that are all about the flower itself, like the Morning Glory featured.   Franz Porcelains even has a Van Gogh collection which will bring a part of that beloved artwork out of the museum and into our home.

You can see the Van Gogh Collection by simply clicking here.

If you are ever unsure what style to give as a gift, a floral design themed cup and saucer would no doubt delight any recipient.   Anyone, collector or not, would love to have a floral design of the Franz work.


Coordinate By Color

If you love all the Franz Porcelain themes, try choosing your sets by color when setting your table for tea.  If you are celebrating an event, consider the guest of honor and make selections from your collection that include their favorite color.  They would no doubt appreciate your thoughtful consideration and adore your table setting.

If you are inviting several friends, you might even select a specific color for each guest based on their favorite color or a color you most associate with them because of their eye color or frequent clothing color.

For decorating, look around your kitchen or dining room and find a color or two you really love.  Then you will be able to make your decoration selection based on color.  Most of us have a favorite color that we naturally gravitate to, but we could easily find gorgeous accent colors and pieces among the Franz collections.

For instance, I am not particularly fond of yellow, but my husband loves that color.  Thankfully, it is a stunning accent color for the blues, which are my personal favorite.  Using the yellow accent pieces allow me to include color choices that my husband will enjoy without the color becoming too dominate or overpowering in the room.  Therefore, we both equally love the design and decor.  Actually, by doing that, I have come to appreciate the color yellow more than I ever would have previously thought possible.


Yellow and Orange Franz Cup and Saucer Sets

Orange and yellow designs are perfect for the kitchen on a sunny summer morning.  Think about this color combination for spring, summer, and harvest dinner gatherings (such as Thanksgiving).


Blue and White

Blue and white cups and saucers are great year round colors.  They will coordinate with your seasonal color decorating plan and even work well during the holidays if desired.  A blue and white color combination will work in almost any decor.


Black and Red Franz Cup & Saucer Sets

Black and red cup and saucer sets are perfect for autumn and winter.   They will work amazingly with your holiday color schemes and add romance to your candlelight dinners.  This particular cup and saucer definitely brings to mind the flame of passion even if it is in reality a rose design.


Red and White Franz Porcelain Cup & Saucer Sets

Red and white porcelain can be a great addition to a dining room or kitchen and will go well with your red and white decor.

Red is another color often used as an accent color in home decor.  It draws you attention immediately and makes a fabulous focal point on any table top, shelf, or mantel.

Either of these sets would be a wonderful morning coffee companion.


Blue and Green Franz Cup & Saucer Sets

Blue and green designs are perfect for your garden party.  You can coordinate this color combination any time of the year.  These are also considered the tropical colors along with the yellow and orange colors (shown above).


Care of Franz Porcelain Cup and Saucer Sets

Some dealers may well list these pieces as dishwasher safe. However, I would highly recommend that you only hand wash any collectibles or fine porcelain pieces to ensure a longer life of exceptional beauty.

I hope you have enjoyed this miniature tour of the Franz Porcelain Cup and Saucer Collection. As you can see here, there is a wide variety of options and selections available. I tried to include something for everyone and for every individual taste. I would certainly love to hear which is your favorite in the collection if you would like to leave a comment below.