Heart Shaped Waffle Makers

Heart Waffles MakerHeart Shaped Waffle Makers are a great way to make any meal even more special and express your love in a very unique way.  You can use regular waffle recipes or mixes, and also think of ways to make a waffle in any number of flavors or mixes.

You can use Heart Shaped Waffle Makers any time of the year for parties or a special breakfast for someone you love.

When you are thinking of a special gift for a wedding reception, birthday, Valentines day, or any anniversary, think about appliances with special options such as making a waffle in the shape of a heart.  How would this make an ordinary breakfast or brunch even more special?  You can give the appliance as a gift or keep it and make the waffles for someone special any time of the year.

Now you can find mini heart and regular sized heart shaped waffle makers as well as a one waffle with many hearts in the design.

Before you can make something you will need a few things (mixes and ideas).  But first you will need a heart shaped waffle maker.  Now … let the shopping begin.


Heart Shaped Waffle Makers

Traditional Five of Hearts Waffle

Make the Traditional Five of Hearts waffle with either of the featured waffle makers.  They make 5 heart shaped waffles, or you could lay them on a plate exactly the way you see them in the maker to create one large “circle of hearts” waffle.  You can top these with your favorite waffle toppings and give anyone you love a fabulous breakfast or brunch!

Have you ever thought of using a cake mix in a waffle iron?  How would strawberry cake taste with the amazing crunchy layer around it?  Maybe you can make a strawberry cake mix in the heart shaped waffle maker and top it with some of your favorite ice cream to make a great dessert treat any day of the week.

Toppings and mixes are part of the creative process you can use to make the most amazing waffles.

 Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express Waffle Maker, Traditional Five of HeartsCheck Price

Both of the heart waffle makers above are Chef’s Choice.  There is really not much difference in the performance of the waffle makers.  The buttons are obviously set in different places, but the biggest difference is that the “Express” model has an automatic timer, while the 830 model (shown first) allows you to set the cook time.

Both have non-stick coating! Simply clean them with a damp paper towel. Do make sure you pre-season them according to the included instructions with the unit of your choice.


George Foreman Grill Removable Nonstick Heart-Shaped Waffle Plates

If you happen to already have a George Foreman Grill, you could simply purchase the heart shaped waffle plates for it.  They are pretty awesome and will certainly do the trick without adding an additional appliance to your kitchen.  These would be especially useful if you only serve waffles on rare occasions.

 George Foreman GRP106WP 2 Removable Nonstick Heart-Shaped Waffle Plates, BlackCheck Price George Foreman GRP106QPGR 360 Electric Nonstick Round-Shaped Grill with 5 Interchangeable Grill Plates, RedCheck Price


Mini Heart Shaped Waffles

Make amazing miniature heart shaped waffles with these heart shaped waffle makers to give everyone (guests and family) the best breakfast any day of the year!  The mini waffles make fun treats

 Babycakes Nonstick Waffle Maker Makes 4 Heart Waffles on SticksCheck Price


Use a Batter Scoop

It is actually a lot easier to use a scoop for waffle batter instead of pouring from a mixing bowl.  A measuring scoop allows you to measure the exact amount of batter every time.  Most waffle makers use 1/2 cup of batter for waffles.

Why not make cooking easier and ensure the perfect waffle every time.

 Norpro Stainless Steel Measuring Scoops, 4-piece SetCheck Price


Waffle Recipes & Toppings

 Waffle Recipes: Wonderful Waffles and Syrups CookbookCheck Price

Many of us enjoy a variety of waffle recipes and toppings.

This is an excellent cookbook with a lot of fun and delicious waffle recipes.  It also includes 17 recipes for awesome homemade syrup.

This cookbook allows you to start a whole new adventure with waffles.  Step away from the basic recipe and explore the wild side of waffles.

Be sure to add this cookbook to your cart when you are purchasing your heart shaped waffle maker.  I would say especially if it is a gift, but I believe we should “gift ourselves” with specials treats too.


Freeze Waffles

Step away from those store bought waffles!  Why not make your own waffles and freeze them.

It really is not complicated.

  1. Make the Waffles
  2. Let them cool
  3. Place a square of wax paper between each waffle
  4. Put the stack of waffles in a freezer container or Ziploc Freezer bag.

Defrost and reheat your waffle in the microwave or toaster oven when you want a quick waffle breakfast!


Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

 Measuring Spoons & Egg Separator-Baking dosage heart-shaped spoon set+Heart-shaped yolk and egg white separatorCheck Price
Add another touch of fun to your waffles!

Of course, you could give these heart shaped measuring spoons  as a gift as is, but they also make a fabulous addition or complimentary gift to a new waffle maker.

What would you make with a heart shaped spoon?  You might use it to make heart shaped scoops of ice cream or any toppings you want to add to a great dish.  How about making heart shaped scoops of your favorite fruit jelly to top a heart shaped waffle?

Pick a size of spoon from the set and begin adding heart shaped toppings to your heart shaped waffle.  Think of whipped toppings you could add to the presentation.  How about whipped cream cheese or strawberry flavored cream cheese on top of a heart shaped waffle?

Don’t forget these are also REAL measuring spoons.  So you can use them all year long in the kitchen for recipes and then have them handy when you want to add a nice heart felt touch to any dish you are preparing.



Excellent Suggestion from One of Our Readers
Thank You GypsyOwl!

I started to think of a heart shaped waffle maker as a grill. You can pour in a batter of whipped eggs, put a sandwich inside (two slices of bread with a surprise filling), or just about any batter option.

Have some flat bread? Put a couple of tortillas with a bit of cheese in the middle and create a heart shaped design on top.

Be sure to spray the grill plates lightly with a non-stick spray before you heat it up or in between uses. This will help prevent sticking …