Easter Kitchen Decor

Nifty Easter Egg CarouselAre You Looking For Spring Easter Kitchen Decor?

Are You Decorating the kitchen for Easter? Most of the goodies start in the kitchen, so why not find some great Easter Kitchen Decor to make your kitchen reflect the holiday. While you are busy making the Easter holiday special for your loved ones, why not treat yourself to something special. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a little something to add fun to your day. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, Easter Kitchen Decor is really a gift to the entire family and makes everyone smile, plus the kids are going to love helping as you decorate.

Think of the things you use around the kitchen everyday and find something festive for Easter to use instead, to embellish what you are already using, or to freshen up your kitchen with holiday specific items in amazing holiday styles.

The Nifty Easter Egg Carousel, featured in the photo, is the perfect example of a great way to display the eggs you color, while also giving the kitchen a decorative art display in the process.

Decorating eggs, making or putting together Easter baskets, creating or mailing Easter Cards, all this and more will give you a festive Easter you will remember and your friends and family will remember as well.

Easter Kitchen Decor Items and Gifts Under $50

Created Just For Easter

Let’s focus on kitchen items with an Easter theme. You can find cookie cutters, kitchen towels, candy dishes, egg display trees, wreaths, covered dishes, decorative spoons, candy jars, and more!

Here are a few of my favorites. I love the cookie cutter canister filled with cookie cutters! Just seeing that canister sets my mind racing over the fun cookies I could create and bake with my children. Those bunny ear salad servers are just a hoot! Imagine the laughs and fun they will spark just by placing them on the Easter dinner table.

 Nifty Easter Egg CarouselCheck Price Wilton Metal Easter Cookie Cutter Set with Storage Tub, 18-PieceCheck Price DCI Rabbit Ears Salad ServersCheck Price

 LLZLL 15 inch Easter WreathCheck PriceSome Easter Decor is specific to the holiday such as cookie cutters, Easter egg wreaths, or a decorated egg display tree. But what about the things you use everyday?

I love being able to use holiday themed kitchen utensils, tools and gadgets, especially if they give my kitchen a touch of organization with the added decoration.

How about some Easter themed salt & pepper shaker sets? Or, perhaps an Easter napkin holder and Easter napkin rings. Aren’t they just adorable!

Even if you don’t normally set a fancy dinner table for Easter, the napkin rings would be a fun touch to any table and the salt & pepper shaker sets would be awesome set beside your stove top regardless. Either of these special Easter decorations would add a delightful touch to any table and kitchen decor.

I love them all and they only take a few minutes to set out which means decorating the kitchen for Easter is very easy. The only hard part is deciding between the bunnies, eggs or ducks. Perhaps, I will opt for the eclectic look and have one of each.

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Easter Kitchen Towels

 Artoid Mode Yellow Buffalo Plaid Bunny Rabbit Happy Easter Kitchen Towels Dish Towels, 18×26 InchCheck PriceA set of Easter Kitchen Towels is another way to add an Easter Decor to your kitchen using items which are functional. If you happen to have a guest restroom, these kitchen towels serve as fantastic hand towels for that room as well. No need to tell everyone they are really kitchen towels.

These Easter towels also make great gifts. They are sure easy to mail as an Easter greeting for that friend or family member who lives in another city or state, not to mention that college student in the dorm room who may not be able to make it home for the holiday.

Tuck a set into an Easter Basket and include a decorative set of Easter Salt & Pepper Shakers along with a few Easter cookie cutters to give as a gift to that young couple celebrating their first Easter together or in a new home.

If you plan to spend Easter away from your own home, perhaps with other family members, the Easter basket gift idea described above would be the perfect gift to take to your hostess to give as a special thank you for the invitation and kind hospitality.

Easter Candy Dishes

Candy dishes can be used for a variety of your favorite Easter candy, treats, popcorn, snacks, or even a decorated egg! Each of these Easter candy dishes would be great to put candy inside to give as gifts or to have on your holiday snack and treat table.

These candy dishes are a beautiful way to display candy set aside for the adults who aren’t getting an Easter basket full of treats. We don’t want to forget anyone at Easter.

You could even have two Easter candy dishes in case you have someone with a specific dietary concern. One for regular candy and one with diabetic or vegan candy.

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Decorating our Kitchens for the Holidays

Children love the holidays and all of the special decorations around a home. But, nothing says adults can’t enjoy the fun and special Easter decor too. Select the items that make you smile, or perhaps remind you of your own childhood days, and add them to your kitchen decor. After all, the cook deserves a bit of fun, fantasy and celebration too.

Decorating for any holiday makes our home look more festive and inviting to guests, but it also helps us to remember to enjoy life, enjoy our homes, and enjoy our time spent in the kitchen.

Happy Easter!